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With the Jim Acosta Tape White House, Gaslighting is turned on for art


"I just barred the entrance [White House], "CNN" Jim Acosta tweeted Wednesday night "The secret service has just informed me that I can not get into the justification of WH, so that I will arrive before 8:00." An hour earlier, Acosta, the white-house pigeon self-service gladiator ("Will you stop calling the press for a human enemy, sir?" He once yelled from the back of the room) was again detached Donald Trump wondering why the president used the word "invasion" to refer to an immigrant convoy who travels to the United States to seek asylum. The exchange peaked with Brief, who called Acosta a "cruel, terrible person", and the White House trying to recover the mic. Repeats show that Acosta reflexively crashes hands by accidentally slipping the relief arm down. It seems that it was enough for the White House to be built on one of the most awesome attack campaigns. "We will be … will never tolerate a reporter who places his hand on a young woman only in an effort to do his job as a White House intern," the press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted Wednesday night, making it understandable if Acosta could be the next Bill Clinton

In fact, the Trump allies were summoned to the White House for the main testimony of loyalty: not believing in their lying eyes. And, thanks to the circumstances in which they showed a brief progressively more hysterical "mistrust", many were very willing to do it. As the press reinforced the defense of Acosta: "I was sitting at @Acosta today's press conference and sucking that he" places his hands "on the new intern, as the White House president said. tweeted Reuters correspondent Jeff Masons who also affiliated with several incident photos – A short base began to accuse Acosta of "Karate Hacking" intern, indicating that he deserves his expulsion. "@ RealDonaldTrump WH made an action over the @ Acosta's karate chip woman's press hand in hand. What @CNN will do?" tweeted Judge's watches Tom Fitton.

Others uplift "This type of physical aggression with a young woman is inappropriate" added to Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway. "Repeatedly being asked to act as an adult, giving up, karate-chopping, when the intern finally comes to give the mic to the next reporter, etc. This is not just an uncontested behavior from an adult." Many turned out to be crazy about the White House's implicit request to ignore the evidence presented to them. "There is a rigorous debate over how much WH should choose who reports POTUS, but I'm confused with this statement that Sander was lying when she said that Acosta handcuffed to the woman who just tried to do it." wrote Omri Ceren National Security Advisor Ted Cruz "I'm watching a video about it. With my eyes." At the same time, others began to share in another, more deceptive video, which was put by Sanders and added to the right by many, made the Acosta gesture more aggressive than it was. It happened with the conspiracy theorist and Infowars correspondent Paul Joseph Watson which, so much pointed outseems to be selectively sped up.

However, even among those on the right was turbines – people who probably resigned asking to question their perceptual abilities. "This is not what happened" insisted Ben Shapiro. "You could only ban it from refusing to comply with any of the normal rules of the press room. It is not necessary to say that something happened that was not." "After a brief joke about [Greg] Gianforte bodyslamming Ben Jacob The White House can not fail to faint now, " quipped Daily Caller Correspondent Chuck Ross But it was a controversial position as a radio businessman Erick Erickson proven when he apologized for his defense: "Yes, I apologize to challenge the tribe … I do not think it was @Aosta's karate crossing a woman, as some claim. [He] Really quickly pulls his hand back, realizing that she has touched her and says, "Excuse me." That's all funny. "

From the point of view of forgiveness, the materials are a great example of the fact that the two political groups see what they want to see, perhaps they cut the evidence to better suit their opinion ("So the Acosta thing becomes a partisan version of the blue and black dress," CommentaryS John Podhoretz jokes) But the consequences of the Belarusian government's Orwell judgment are much more worrying. Even before the middle ages, the administration had the habit of stretching the truth to the point of breaking, trying to persuade the shots of journalists that in reality the sun is not in the sky. After Tuesday's defeat of the election, a brief feeling that his back against the wall seems to have increased, and the source for my colleague Gabriel Sherman that he is "very excited" and "very depressed". What comes out of this bad mood? For one, immediately release the Prosecutor General Jeff Sessions which is widely regarded as an attack Robert Mueller & # 39; s Russian probes. The other is a long-running campaign against one of the Shortest Lover Reporters whom he seems to have been fond of. And when the spinning machine calls, it pushes the country's borders further and farther. "What's the point, seriously," asked for colonist Dan Hodges. "What are we all doing here? If we can not actually agree with our own eyes on evidence, even an attempt to get involved."

Correction: This article has been updated to reflect Omri Ceren's original video of Acosta, not its edited by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

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