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What is the Manchester United FC team's mood?

Marouane Fellaini and Chris Smalling are headed for climbing Premier League positions after transferring to the Champions League knockout stage with a game of reserves.

Tuesday's evening seems to go the same way as Saturday's scorching 0-0 draw with a struggling Crystal Palace, with Old Trafford, believers are growing impatiently because Manchester United worked against Young Boys.

However, Fellaini saved his red turning times to win a 1-0 win in the United Left in 16 games with a good game thanks to opponents of the following month, when Valencia lost to Juventus in the second group H game.

The effect of early progress is that Jose Mourinho's men can pay more attention to their bad form of league, with Saturday's trip to Southampton, which looks like the perfect opportunity to highlight the four best places.

"I think the mood is good," Fellaini said after his golf game.

"Players are happy, but the most important thing now is to focus on Saturday and three points.

"It's hard to come back from the team. Now we have a full training week. All players are ready to compete and start Saturday.

"Critics are part of football, but we have to work. We are team, we are together, and everything. Together, we have to move forward and pay attention."

The smile repeated the feelings of their teammates after shrinking Young Boys.

"We had two goals that spoke before casting the game: they returned to these four categories and qualified," he said. "We are qualified now and now it's all about our league shape."

Even taking into account the well-documented sacred problems, United can not afford to play, as they did in their homes at Palace and Young Boys.

Mourinho missed his blizzard rage for some water bottle carriers, kicking one and throwing another, after Fellini's late winner, with Smalling, shows that lack of trust played his part on Tuesday.

Maruane Fellaini in the UEFA Champions League H matchmaker Manchester association and BSC Young Boys at Old Trafford on November 27, 2018, play their first team.
Maruane Fellaini in the UEFA Champions League H matchmaker Manchester association and BSC Young Boys at Old Trafford on November 27, 2018, play their first team.

"We played well against them, but we knew that they would be hard to break home at home," he said on the side of "United", who managed to win 3-0 in Switzerland.

"I think we created a lot of opportunities and it was deserved, but they made us work.

"We created some good prospects – not only half the opportunity – and I think that the heads can be soaked if some of them do not work.

"You could see the relief on our faces, knowing that we were skilled and do not have to go to Valencia and really make it difficult for ourselves."

In fact, it was a night, which raised more questions than answers, but the second was the second clean sheet offering to the United Kingdom, though thanks to the wonderful second half of David De Geas.

"The partnership continues to change, but it was another clean page, and I think we need to return to the place where we were in the last couple of years when it was very difficult for us to demolish," said Defense Minister Smalling, speaking with Phil Jones with Victor Lindelof injured.

"It's not perfect (change the back of the center).

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"I think that you can see if you have a consistent partnership, you can see that there are fewer opportunities to do.

"That's what it is, and that's something we get used to, and we're accustomed to playing with each other in training."

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