Wednesday , March 22 2023

WATCH: Doctors lose their household property, because the bonfire is under the Mpilo apartment


Bulawayo Correspondent

DOCTORS and other healthcare professionals at the Mpilough Hospital in Bulawayo lost their property on Saturday for thousands of dollars after an apartment occupied by healthcare workers and the people's bar was gutted with fire.

The roof of the two-story building was completely damaged by the estate, whose sources at the health center indicated that it was started by an uncontrolled oven.

When later visited the State Hospital, crew members of the fire brigade were almost overnight. Some employees can also see how to retrieve some items from the building.

"I think that someone left on the stove that caused the fire. I understand that the fire started in one of the apartments in the apartment. Some passengers lost all their property," said the apartment, who spoke with anonymity.

Hospital Operations Director Joe Charangwa said in a phone interview with that the cause of the fire has not yet been clarified.

"The investigation is ongoing now and, as I am saying, the fire brigade team performs some investigations on site," said Charangwa.

Charangwa was also unable to provide the cost of goods that had been flushed out by fire.

"We still appreciate the damage," he said, adding that the fire started at about noon. 14:00.

Richard Peterson, chief firefighter of Bulawayo, had not accepted the comment because his mobile phone was not reachable.

On November 6th, three families in the Guant√°namo province lost their property for thousands of dollars after lending to them, due to a fire due to a suspicion of electricity.

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