Saturday , February 27 2021

United physically, mentally exhausted: Mourinho


United Kingdom Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho blamed the drainage week for their unsatisfactory performance, as Manchester City's Etihad Sunderland derailed ahead of the Premiership Cup with a solid 3-1 victory.

In the first goal on each side of David Silva and Sergio Aguero commanded the City team and Ilkay Gundogan condemned United to fourth league defeat in the season after Anthony Martial's penalty had given visitors hope.

Now the city has 12 points from its local competitors after Liverpool has moved forward, and Mourinho's men are eighth.

The battle response was the only attack on the United Nations target, because City showed why they were champions and they are ready to finish over the Red Devil for the sixth straight season since Alex Ferguson retired.

"You can go to statistics, it's a way for people who do not understand football to analyze football," protested Mourinho.

"I do not go to the statistics, I go to what I felt and what I was watching, and the game was there for up to 80 minutes."

Mourinho men come from behind to win 2-1 at Bournemouth and Juventus late last week while the city ruined Southampton and six Shakhtar Donetsk.

And Mourinho claimed his side, also wound Paul Pogba with injury, was physically and mentally exhausted.

"During the week, when they enjoy two 6-0, 6-1 victories, are relaxed, without pressure, effortlessly, everything is nice and easy, and we played two games away, hardly where the other was like the final for us against one of the best." teams in Europe, "he added.

"The game, which demanded everything we must take, not only physically, but also mentally."

Pepe Guardiola's rival has won 11 and has won one of his last 12 games, and the only goalkeeper at this time was a 0-0 draw at Liverpool, one of only two players they lost to Premier League last season.

The second was home to the United Kingdom, when the city stopped the possibility of attaching the title to its local competitors in April, whipping 2-0 half-time, losing 3-2.

The city solved this result and ensured that if they were denied that their turn would be the first half of the decade to save the Premier League, the challenge might come from Liverpool or London instead of from Manchester.

"For Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal, they have figures that are champions, not just Man City," said Guardiola, who extended his personal record against Mourinho to only five losses in 22 games.

"The depth of our team helps to a large extent, because everyone knows that they must be at a level if they want to stay there."

Despite the rise in the results of recent weeks to mitigate the speculations associated with Mourinho's future, the Association has continued steadily slowly and again punished early.

Bernardo Silva was the name of his boyfriend to record his seventh season goal with a shot that de Gea was too strong for 12 minutes.

The United was at least pulling the city stream, because the party was wearing and did not hold the hosts again until Aguero closed the sidewalls just half past.

"The first half was not so good," added Guardiola. "We played like we do not want to lose the ball, but not the intention to attack or do anything."

Three minutes after the break a slightly better corner position, Aguero did not go wrong because he played one or two with Riyad Mahrez and devastated the high cloud side of De Gea to highlight himself as the Premier League head-right goal connector with eight gates.

However, just as City was threatened by the uprising of tomorrow, their impulse was stopped when their first engagement, as coming as a substitute for Romelu Lukaku, was upleded by Ederson for a United penalty, which Martial crashed to score on the fifth straight league game.

However, it was City who still looked like he was most likely to win, and they covered all three points.

Gundogan completed a 44 goal move that pulled United all-pitch by sticking home five minutes from time. – AFP.

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