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The study shows how thinking management provides a real ROI if it is done correctly

Thought management has a direct impact on the full sales funnel – more than most dealers understand. The 2019 Edelman-LinkedIn Thought Leadership Impact study found that nearly 70 percent of decision-makers decide whether an organization can actually deliver their own thought leadership, and 75 percent say it leads directly to a dotted line.

The thinking management strategy, or in other words, the way to coordinate your content across all your channels and audiences, works to build your experience – important for B2b buyers. The study found that 47% of C-suite managers shared contact information after reading thinking. Now the disadvantage is: while high-quality decision makers are willing to pay the highest prices to work with companies that can demonstrate their vision and potential, it is also the opposite. 60 percent of business decision makers say that half or more of the thought they face does not provide valuable insights. If thinking management is not valuable to your audience, it creates risks.

“The most effective strategy for thinking is when you first place a client. You see that you know what you are going to address, where you address them, and why, because you understand their pain points. “Says Gina Joseph VB Lab and VentureBeat Strategic Partnership Manager. The study found that 9 out of 10 business decision makers consider it important for companies to define the future and analyze the market. "Buyers will probably pay more to work with companies that have a clear vision – with meaningful content and authentic relationships with the audience. This impact cannot be underestimated. "Joseph explains," It's not just about creating valuable content, but also about where and how to distribute your content. ”

Merchants should have the best ways to reach their audience in the right channel at the right time with content and insights that are really important to them. Not only do you squeeze your product or service, but you also prove that you are a company that has a real participation in the success of your customers. And there comes trust – an increasingly important brand differentiator -.

Your customers, whether they are B2B or B2C, have their own tip of choice with their choices, and there are many ways to decide which company they're working with. To stand out in the exaggerated market to develop brand loyalty, wipe the floor with your competitors, you need to showcase your knowledge and leadership in your industry. This means developing independent, meaningful content that creates a genuine relationship between the brand and the audience across all distribution channels that are important to your customers.

Leaders sit and notice, says Joseph. "More than 90 percent of our partners, whether they are Fortune 50 or young people seeking funding, say their primary goal is to think about leadership."

These are companies that are actively seeking new and industrially shattering ways to overcome their industries, but are also aware that risks can be enormous. Thus was born VB Lab. "We created the VB Lab in direct response to our partners' requests," says Joseph, "along with his foundation, thinking of a think-tank that aims to provide companies with a strategic roadmap for success and leadership."


VB Lab is uniquely positioned to offer this kind of thinking management experience, giving insight to its brand partners that influence decision-makers. It is the home of analysts, researchers and merchants that are immersed in this unique perspective and are ready to use this experience for their partners.

"We are introducing a well-thought marketing concept based on hearing our customers, taking into account the market from our unique point of view, and from there building the whole strategy," explains Joseph. "Every step of the way, we work with our partners to develop the mindset that connects."

VB Lab is working to harmonize and create content for each distribution channel, as content readers consume through a mobile network that is significantly different from the content they are looking for through research or webinar – and your thinking management strategy should reflect this. This means that VB Lab offers a comprehensive approach to think-tanks as it collaborates with businesses to develop the best ways to engage in key audiences on each channel.

With VB Lab, brand partners benefit from strategic advice and innovative brand story development. Laboratory content development is tailored to brands, including live streaming, video series, interactive brands, speech capabilities, and private events.

Its research and insight teams help brand partners analyze the market and develop comprehensive reports, surveys, infographics and case studies based on data that reflects the company's experience.

"We have time to listen to our partners – their goals, their challenges with thought management and landscape, and then we are innovative," explains Joseph. “VB Lab is different from industry experience, especially for B2B traders who want to reach business decision makers looking for transformation technologies. The Laboratory developed a Thought Leadership platform based on a comprehensive understanding of AI, gaming, business and technology audiences and how they engage in content across different platforms. "We are developing thinking management capabilities that match the right content with different distribution channels," says Joseph, "first of all considering the needs of the audience."

For more insight into the Thoughts Platform, visit VB Lab to learn more.

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