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The Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport is just the track turbo racer

Dammit, Porsche. On the same day, you discover the new Porsche 911 – just the Carrera S and Carrera 4S perfume, which means the 911 range really makes sense – you go and release one more new 911. It's actually the old 991-gen 911. And it's not a road legal . Porsche, what are you from?

Basically, Porsche is (the official industry term here) "doing Zonda". In the Oxford English dictionary, this is defined as "the creation of exclusive versions of an old sports car while coaching with a new one". So while improving the production of the 992-gen 911 model and making sure that the collectors are in the hands of the 935 flatnose special and the 991 Speedster, Porsche also found time to transform the Nürburgring-winning 911 GT2 RS just for the song. Race ready for monster. Check out Clubsport. Only 200 will work.

The single car retains a 691 bhp, a 3.8-liter two-turbocharger and a seven-speed PDK gearbox. It is also a rear wheel drive, but these rear wheels now have 310 mm wide inclination. And in turn they are now being drawn into one of the largest Porsche wings.

Parallel power is not released, but standing still, the GT2 RS Clubsport is about 155 kg lighter than a road car. Obviously, it has cleared the void, but it keeps technological safety nets in the form of braking and anti-lock brakes (steel and non-ceramic), with adjustable interference, which can be switched to steering wheel.

An important addition to the speedboat is the need, for example, a roller cage and air conditioning. And truly, "doing the Porsche" tradition, this feature-stripped, GT2 RS is far more expensive than the highway. The standard version would set you back £ 307,506, before the £ 21k Weissach package.

Clubsport is asking for 405,000 euros (357,000 euros), and you will not receive it until May 2019 if you have red cards. And the need to destroy your colleagues who took part in a skateboarding day. In turn, Porsche says: "Our customers will not only race with the GT2 RS Clubsport, but also in international racing."

"At the moment, we are very successful in talking to the race organizer SRO," said Porsche vice president of motor sport and GT Frank Frank Steffen Walliser.

So the 991-gen 911 mount pillow. This is really the last one. End of the era. Probably.

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