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The new Mazda 3 is a funky, smart engine

At last year's Tokyo Motor Show, we said that we would carefully look at the Mazda's extremely good looks at Kai, because its design might not be a million miles away from the next Mazda 3. Well, Mazda has just unveiled a new finished fourth-generation Mazda 3 at the LA Auto Show, and do you know what? We were not wrong.

The Mazda design team has been able to use sophisticated panels and reflections so that the Ford Focus, the Mercedes A class and VW Golf rival would have a focused and sporty look by touching the front protrusion in front and opposite the curved rear, which was emphasized by the rigid C pole. Unfortunately, the assassin and wheels that were slippery on the rubber side had to be put into production, but the round rear lamps were left. Is it just for us, or do they have an alpha smile?

Now let's talk about Mazda's new engine. It's interesting, it's the first use of the Japanese company's smart Spark Controlled Compression Ignition SkyActiv-X engine. Simply put, it's a gasoline engine that thinks it's diesel. Using the spark plugs for the traditional combustion of a gasoline engine type, the engine can switch to a diesel-type compression ignition as necessary. This means that you should get gasoline performance, but diesel fuel economy.

This new engine is also complemented by a new 24-volt car hybrid system. But if it sounds a bit too technical and you like your engines without worry, some variants of bread and butter will be available on the Skyactiv-G engines (1.5 liter and 2.0 liters of petrol) and 1.8 liters of Skyactiv-D diesel

Skyactivity does not end there. The new 3 also combines the Skyactiv car architecture. This is a series of improvements to bring the driver closer, providing a better seat position (suitable for the spine), a tightening bodyshell and a revised suspension to improve the sensation and response. The cab is also quieter to gain more benefits, and the Mazda i-Activ AWD system now offers "four-wheel vertical load" detection and operates to manage the torque distribution between the front and rear wheels. But, most importantly, "windscreen wiper speed control is carefully designed to improve the performance of cleaners." Phew, we can finally sleep peacefully again.

Inside, the new red interior is available directly for the hatchback (the salon was also discovered by LA and we should get fastback in the UK), and everything that may be has been upgraded with digital spit and polish. The widescreen entertainment entertainment display has grown to 8.8 inches while still controlling the rotational number. It is a simplified, clean and well thought out interior, but its operation will be discontinued to its main competitors. However, systems have increased with the introduction of semi-autonomous functions, such as traffic jam assistant and driver monitoring system.

There is still no word for prices, but it should be somewhere around the mark of 20,000 marks, and next spring it will be sold further. But is it enough to tempt you from Focus or Golf? Tell us below.

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