Thursday , February 25 2021

The alien theory is "wild speculation," says an astronomer who found a strange interstellar object

The suggestion made by Harvard researchers that a strange interstellar object that invaded our solar system could be an artificial object created by a foreign civilization, attracted great attention all over the world, but the truth is a bit less exciting, the researcher who found this object, said.

"Frankly, I think it's a bit of wild speculation," said Robert Weryk, a Canadian CBC astronomer. "We actually think that this is not true based on the data obtained."

Instead, he said: "I think it's actually just a residue from another solar system … It's just a comet's departure from the far Sun system, but we have no idea which one. It's just something that happened to come to us. "

The "Oumuamua – Hawaiian messenger arrives from afar" first – it's the first to see an intruder in our planetary orbit, raised by telescopes in the Hawaiian Observatory in Hawaii, in October 2017. It now exits the solar system and is expected to never return. Scientists claim that other "interstellar" objects may not have disappeared in the past.

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A new article written by Professor Avi Loeb, a Harvard astronomer and post-graduate researcher, Shmuel Bialy, suggested that the object might be a light sail or sun-sailing-space vehicle propagation method using a jar to catch radio communications and propel a spacecraft, as well as a regular sailboat uses a boat to tow.

The paper suggests the theory of light sailors, because, as Loeb said last week, the subject has an unexplained, too fast acceleration, such as a comet that manifests itself in a driving force when the ice evaporates. "It's not like a comet, but Loebs said.

Weryk said that he believed that the object was a comet with "a small amount of exhaustion that was not visible directly from the ground. So it did not seem like a comet."

Other researchers also issued warnings of caution. Last week, Steven Beckwith, a professor of astronomy at the University of California, at the University of California, said: "The evidence of a slight sailing from any further civilization is too weak to convince the case, but it's still fun to think about."

"I think a lot of people want to look at exotic possibilities. It really puts more questions on" What if? "But in this particular case, I think the data clearly show that it is a natural subject. There is no reason to think that this is nothing other than that, "Weryk said in the CBC.

Loeb said Tuesday by e-mail: "Our work corresponds to the standard scientific methodology: the data are observed in the anomaly, the standard explanation does not explain this, therefore an alternative interpretation is proposed. I urge everyone who has a better explanation to write about it and publish it." Inappropriate Interpretations may be ruled out in the future when several data on Oumuamua or other members of its population will be published.

"The character of Oudhamau will not be dictated by the popular Twitter competition. That's what it is, and the criticism of the sarcasm is not essential," he said.

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