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Showtime Preps Jeff Beck, Corn Brian Welch, GG Allin – Rolling Stone

Showtime Announced December New Music Documentary Film Screenplay by Jeff Beck, Corn Guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, GG Allin and Agnostic Front. The network previews all four titles in a short trailer, which includes interviews and video footage.

Jeff Beck: still running Monday, December 11, Monday, 19:30. ET / PT, then Agnostic: Hardcore godfather on wednesday, at noon 12 o'clock 19.00 ET / PT; GG Allin: Everything in the Family Thursday, 13 th at noon at noon 10 am ET / PT; and Korna Brian "head" Welch: Loud Krazy love Friday, 14 th at noon at noon 10am ET / PT.

With Beck's documentary film, director Matthew Longfellow describes the early life and musical development of a former Yardbirds member who The reciprocal stone ranked the fifth largest guitarist of all time. The project touches Beck's early games, playing home-made guitars "His teenage friendship with [Led Zeppelin’s] Jimmy Page "and mastering your technique throughout your excellent career.

Agnostic frontline director Ian McFarland follows guitarist Vinnie Stigman and singer Roger Miret thirty years after he helped create a hardcore punk movement. With Everything in the family, director Sami Saif studied Alina's life as a controversial shock-rock and pan figure – from his troubled childhood with adult life, filled with drugs, violence and imprisonment. In Loud Krazy love, directors Trei Hill and Scott Mayo focus on the changing life of Welch from Korn in 2005 and his father and the opening tour.

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