Monday , February 6 2023

Samsung opens Bixby's third-party apps and devices


Samsung is about to launch application developers to release a plug-in to Bixby, and hardware companies will also be able to create voice assistants in their products.

Samsung has already mobilized phones, refrigerators, televisions and other auxiliaries during the year and a half when Bixby launched, but all of these devices are Samsung. With today's news, other companies will be able to start building it on their own hardware, either as an alternative to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant – or most likely as an additional option for users who want to live in the Samsung ecosystem.

Consumers may have more reasons to include Bixby in the future as third-party developers will begin to build the services they add. It's not entirely clear what to expect or what will look like – Samsung has demonstrated a Bixby demo that will open the various interfaces you need to book a hotel stay – but Samsung is promising to make Bixby so open that developers will be able to do everything Samsung can do.

Head of Viv Labs Dag Kittlaus says it is the most powerful set of tools. "The path is over other guys," says Kittlaus. "And it's not so close".

In the coming months Samsung plans to launch Bixby in several other languages, including German, Italian and French. It will also launch the Spanish localization of Spain and the English language localized in the United Kingdom; these two languages ​​are already available, but only with the US localization.

Smart assistants are generally less smart, but Bixby is, in particular, considered to be one of the weakest options. Their critique was launched, and some owners of Samsung's latest phones are still complaining about a special Bixby button that they can not remake.

For example, Samsung is moving fast – much faster than Apple – to create what Bixby can do to provide deep access to third parties. It is unclear how this third party Bixby features will be distributed or how it will ensure that it is safe and functional. But if it does, Bixby could start looking more than Alexa, which has more than 50,000 third-party skills.

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