Friday , October 22 2021

Porean HIV data leakage to deal with drug-related payments #AsiaNewsNetwork


When convicted of trafficking in human beings, Ler Teck Siang, 37, can be arrested for up to 20 years with 15 stick blows.
Ler is accused of administering methamphetamine, known as ice, in one Sim Eng Chee room at Swissotel The Stamford on February 26 last year.
Court documents do not disclose information about Sim.
The court documents are not disclosed if he was arrested, but Ler is accused of not giving urine a sample at the New Office Road Bureau of the New Drug Office about one hour later the same day.
Ler litigation on these drug-related fees will take place on May 29th. He is also faced with the Law on Official Secrets (OSA) related to the leakage of HIV information.
OSA case date not specified.
According to court documents, Ler was able to access a register of HIV positive people tested in Singapore before February 2012.
Working as Head of the National Public Health Unit (MOH) of the Ministry of Health, he has retained information on his thumb drive. He may not have been able to "intelligently care" the information, "without having to lose his thumb" from March 2012 to May 23, 2016.
Ler, who does not have HIV, had submitted his blood sample to his HIV positive friend Mihia Farrera Brochez to help Americans get a job.
After earlier proceedings, District District Judge Luke Tan admitted that Lere was guilty of helping Brochez to mislead Manpower's attempt to issue him a work permit in March 2008 and allowed him to continue his red flag in November 2013.
In September 2013, Ler was found guilty in December 2013 in the presence of MOH and police in January 2014 when he was asked about a second blood test.
During the trial, Ler claimed that he had made these statements firm. His various statements were rejected by Judge Tan.
Ler was sentenced to two years in jail last year and appealed for his sentence and sentence. The prosecutor's office has abandoned its judgment.
Although Ler is currently a doctor, his medical practice certificate ended at the end of last year and has not been renewed. Brochez, 34, was sentenced to 28 months' imprisonment in 2017 for criminal offenses, including fraud, state custody, drug possession and the use of false education certificates. He was deported after serving his sentence.
Ler and Brochez now have a high profile data breach at the heart of the healthcare industry that appeared on Monday.

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