Sunday , October 17 2021

PERSONAL FINANCE: Law of Attraction guide for wealth creation

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I once attended the talk titled 'The Billionaire Mindset'. The speaker mentioned is something that I always remember – if you want a billions, and in a billions. I follow none of these tips.

You attract wealth by raising how you operate. In other words, your frequency. If you want to listen to Capital FM, you cannot tune into 28.4 and expect to hear it. What you want out of a frequency. The higher the frequency. You may also want to listen to anymore. The mistake we make is limiting ourselves with our current resources.

I started my life with my life. What is the cost of the money, which led to what Centonomy is today. I was at my level. I read books. I had the right conversations. I pitched to big companies.

You raise your frequency by doing what you want, but where do you want to go. You don’t get out of debt, but by figuring out how to make extra income.

The rate that you need to get is the same one that will get you out of debt. Seek not only you, but the ones you need to make them happen. Raise your mind. Operating at this frequency has a responsibility. You cannot cheat the frequency. If you tune in 98.2, you may hear a bit of capital FM, but it will not be clear.

The biggest responsibility for this is how you talk with each other. My favorite book tells me that is the tongue. In other words, you have to. You spoke to get your job, clients in your business, form relationships, get married among others.

A lot has come your way. So what did you do well because you spoke yourself out of it. You lowered the frequency. You complained about your boss, company, business, country and even traffic. Yes, all these may have problems; leave earlier, later, or avoid the route, together;

Watch how you speak to yourself through your thoughts. Reject the thoughts that don't work for you; those that say you are not good enough will never happen to you. You will have made mistakes to give yourself a break and let it go. My favorite book also says we should take our thoughts captive. You are not a slave but the master of your thinking.

The other responsibility is time. There is no instant gratification. You will create wealth if you can do it.

Line up your actions with what you want. You can talk about you. You can'd spend on a day-to-day basis yet have dreams of traveling the world. You can'd want to build a career and a bad day and yelled at you.

You can do a business and quit because it didn't make money in three months. You can'd want to build your bonus upgrading cars. You may want to get your children up to school fees. Wealth creation and scarcity mindsets do not coexist. Money responds to positive energy. To decisions. That's intent.

Life doesn´t give you what you want. What you are ready to learn is what you are ready to believe, what you are ready to believe, that you have decided to get into your way. The question you need to ask yourself is: Are you really ready for what you want?

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