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Not ready yet to play the second Zimbabwean test: Tamim



"It's very less likely to play the second test because I do not think I can. I'm not ready." © Getty

Bangladeshi knife Tamim Iqbal stared back to the next series against Windies. Tammy, who was kicked out of the Asian Cup after wounding his hands, opened the game against Sri Lanka, returned to the wattle, turned three days ago to tennis balls. But for the first time on Thursday (November 8th) he attended the cricket balls at the academic session. His net session, however, captured all the attention, as many liked to think that he could be included in the Test team to make a serial decision in the second game against Zimbabwe, taking into account the hosts batting wave at both turning points, which forced them to embarrass 151 Sylhet sweeping.

Fiasu Chandramohan's arrival at his wake-up session in the afternoon only added fuel to speculation, as the pickers had an extraordinary meeting with head coach Steve Rodo, who approached. Inside the BCB premises, a physiotherapist was also called at one stage to report on Tamim's condition, carefully following his development.

However, Tamms released the air after an individual practice session.

"I started batting against a spin and a dog spy. I have not faced a lot of pain, but since my hand has a lot of weakness, especially the blows hurt me a bit, and weakness will go away," Tamim said. "Today is probably the third day, when I'm batting I do not have a full net session There are a lot of differences between games 130-140 km / h and playing against spin and dog stick. Now things are very positive. In the next three days there will be a complete network session, after which I can tell, where I am, "he said.

"It's very less likely to play the second test because I do not think I can. I'm not ready. I do not think that the physiologist will even allow me. Just three days have been the cultivation of the semi-gardens that I do, as long as I do not start full networks, on my part I will not be fair to accept myself. I think I will be fit for the first test [against West Indies] and it will not be fair to turn me off now because I will play a two-day game if I feel it is necessary. It depends on where I am on November 16 or 17. "

Tammy also added that he is confident that Bangladesh will return to the series of two-game tests, because he believes that the Tiger is able to retreat.

"100 percent of them will come back again, the team and I know we will not succeed in our best cricket. We are a much better team than this. It's a fact that we have not done Tests as we have done ODI. I do not think that any of our Our team of team members have become a very strong Test team, but it's also true that we have started to play better Trick Cricket than five years ago. We have won the two best players in the world. Our West Indies test series was not good, our test cricket schedule has not diminished so much. to a large extent we liked it, "said Tammy.

"I felt that we should better arrange the first grades, but I do not think the team is right to comment on the performance from the outside. I saw things we could have done differently." Shakib and I have faced worse situations when we are in the team, yet we are part of the team, "he said.

"I talked to some players, some also called me for me. This is very personal, I've been helping me, made a report. If they lose, it also comes to me. I'm part of it. We did not do a good cricket game, therefore we have come to this situation. "

However, Tamms did not agree with the announcement of Captain Mahmudullah after an opening test, in which he said Bangladesh does not play the role of test cricket if they continue to play this way. Bangladesh has not won a game in the last eight tests, 4 of which played at home and mostly because of the failure of Batman, which did not cross 200 times in eight consecutive games.

"I disagree with him [Mahmudullah] but it is also true that we never expected Zimbabwe to be defeated. In these situations, people are shocked. They become disappointed and start to blame each other. Riyadh Bhai, this comment is probably one of these things. It was probably from dissatisfaction. He wanted things to be different from the captain. We all know how many players work to improve the tests. But if we do not get results, it is sometimes quite disturbing. We will play better and let go against this and other opponents. I believe we are strong enough to be able to perceive it and wait it positively, "Tamim concluded.

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