Sunday , August 18 2019
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No, Intel is not hosting a conference for its GPU next month

Intel has more hype about its upcoming discrete GPU codenames, Arctic Sound, with its fresh rumors hot off the press from DigiTimes saying that Intel will be hosting a conference in December to unveil its new GPU. Yeah, well, that's not happening.


I reached out to some industry sources to poke around and see what's going on, and it seems that it will not happen in the next month at all. Intel has previously said it will be launching its discrete GPU in 2020, so why would they be ready for full details of Arctic Sound architecture in late 2018? Previous rumors teased a reveal at CES 2019 but seemed to have fizzed out, as Intel is sticking to its 2020 release window.

Intel has secured most of the talent from AMD's own Radeon Technologies Group in the last year or so, with GPU architect Raja Uzuri joining Intel as well as Radeon marketing legend Chris Hook just to name a few. These talented individuals have plenty of resources at their hands under Intel compared to the playing cards they had on AMD to fling around the room.

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