Tuesday , February 7 2023

"Mnangagvas globetrotting is a despair indicator"


President Emmerson Mnangagwas' globetrotting is an indication of despair, the opposition MDC has said.

This happens after Mnangagwa went to Conakry, Guinea this week to attend a two-day national visit to strengthen Africa's support for Zimbabwe's re-engagement agenda.

MDC National Chairman Morgan Komici said that the president should not seek solutions outside the country, but come home and identify the right people who can help.

Komichi added that globetrotting Mnangagwa is trying to obtain international recognition that is not awarded to him because he is unlawful.

"Globetrotting is an indication of despair. He simply looks for a solution to the situation.

"The crisis of legitimacy arose from fake elections that could not be internationally recognized, an important step in solving the economic crisis.

"Globetrotting, he is trying to engage the international community, but they do not want to work with someone who has legitimate problems."

However, Deputy Foreign Minister Energy Mutodi said that the opposition party has no way of deciding which visit is favorable to the country or not.

He said that Mnangagva has an obligation to respond to calls from other presidents according to the national business, whether they add value or not.

He noted that the government is committed to work to improve the situation in the country, as they have also launched a transitional stabilization program.

"How can the members of the opposition say which visit is beneficial and which is not profitable for the state.

"The president responds to the bilateral calls by the two leaders to discuss the business, and this, of course, depends on the probability that bilateral negotiations will join us or not.

"That's it," Mutodi said.

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