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Mark Zuckerberg explains why he wants to combine Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram

Zuck is thin.
Zuck is thin.

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The difference between Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram is approaching even blurrier.

Speaking of the company's quarterly earnings call, Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook wants to make it easier to send messages across its entire application, but warned that it would be a "2020 thing or beyond."

"We really start thinking about it. We have a lot more to figure out before we finish the plan," said Zuckerberg.

However, the CEO offered an explanation of why the company wants to combine the application infrastructure.

"The first reason I am excited to end our products is to end encryption by default. People like WhatsApp. I think this is the direction we should go. I think there is a chance … to encrypt work consistently over things we do. "

Zuckerberg also noted that there would be practical benefits to allow people to send messages between applications. In countries where WhatsApp is dominant, for example, using Messenger can report a Facebook Marketplace vendor through WhatsApp might be more convenient. He also said that tens of millions of Android users who are currently using Messenger as the default SMS app would benefit from using default encryption.

The CEO did not share any thoughts on how such a plan would be beneficial to Instagram.

Facebook's plan to combine back-end infrastructure behind all its messaging applications has raised a number of privacy issues. It is also just the last sign that Zuckerberg is stepping up its control over the services he and his initial promise of independence from Facebook, as Facebook depends on Instagram and WhatsApp more about future growth.

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