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Live Updates, Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe, Day 5 Second Test in Dhaka: Mustafizur Gets Williams Early

Live Updates, Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe, Day 5 Second Test in Dhaka: Mustafizur Gets Williams Early

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Catch all updates from Fifth Day in the Second Test Game between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe in Dhaka on 4: Summary: Mahmudullah Riyad won his first trial for more than eight years, as Bangladesh put Zimbabwe a strong 443-fold goal to win the second test in Dhaka on the third day.

The hosts began their victory to reduce Zimbabwe's fight to 76 minutes on the fourth day after Mahmudulla unbeaten 101 of 122 bombs helped the side announce a second 22: 4-6.

Turning off Hamilton Masakadz, 25 years after he landed five captain of the Zimbabwean captain, Khaleda Ahmed, Mahdi Hasan held a 68 goal opening bench.

Mehdi also fell off Brian Chari for nothing, but a colleague spinner Taijul Islam released a knife 43 shortly after Bangladesh gained its first breakthrough.

Brendon Taylor and Sean Williams were hailing for four and two respectively, facing a monumental task to win or avoid losses, as Zimbabwe was still holding hosts with 367 workouts.

Zimbabwe led a two-game series 1-0 after last week's victory at Sylhet – their first team championship for 17 years.

The lottery of the game will give them their first test series in seven years.

Bangladesh, who had to win a series of squares, they said they were spending their tea break after Mahmudullah completed her century by pushing her footer Brandon Mavuta on two tracks.

Mahmudullah, who in New Hampshire in New Hampshire in New Hampshire in New Zealand arrived in New Zealand in 2010, withdrew Bangladesh from an unstable 25-4 position when Zimbabwe's seamers began four years ago.

Right on the right was playing in the sixth goal with debutant Mohammad Mithun, who played for his first dungeon dungeon at 67th place, with 110 bombs.

Mahmudullah won four four and six spectacular tournaments, while his last 51 runs dropped by only 52 balls.

Zimbabwe had a success against Bangladesh early on during their second adventure, after the hosts decided not to continue, despite the fact that 218 players first gained leadership.

Kyle Jarvis came out with Immul Kayes and Liton Das in fifth place in the three ballroom, respectively three and six.

The first-innings centurion Mominul Haque quickly followed the open door, Donald Tiripano, with a bark at Regis Chakabva who goes to the next.

The decline continued when Mushfiqur Rahim, who scored 219 in the first set, took a straightforward role for the square foot legend Mavuta to fly in only seven.

But Mithun and Mahmudullah cause bleeding, slowly creating their own partnerships.

On the third day, Zimbabwe had 304, but on the third day, earlier in response to Bangladesh's mammoth, 522-7 were announced in the first county.

Comment (Enter Zimbabwe)

43.6 T Islamic Raza, full and in the middle, defended from the front foot with a spatula that shows the whole stick. 108/3

43.5 T Raza, Good bomber on the middle stump, Raza defends it again. 108/3

43.4 To Rama, completely and outdoors, Raza leaves it on the front leg. 108/3

43.3 T Islams Taylor, Flattering and faster in the middle, Taylor plays in the middle of the gate and sets it to one. 108/3

43.2 T on the Taylor, tucked out from the outside, traveled to the sweeper. Batsman is two. 107/3

43.1 T Islams Taylor, Full and Off Strain, Taylor defends to cover. 105/3

42.6 M Rahman to Raza, Good length of the ball outside. It was a bit slower. Raza defends him on the ground from the back leg. 105/3

42.5 M Rahman to Raza, Full and off the fluff, Raza keeps it with a straight stick. 105/3

42.4 M Rahman to Raza, well bowled! Place this one with an angle, but slightly lifting off after pitching. Raza leaves at the last minute. 105/3

42.3 M Rahman Taylor, Fuller and off strain, batsman steer it straight down and pick up one. 105/3

42.2 M Rahman Taylor, Switches over the gate, drops this outdoors and lengths. Taylor leaves it alone. 104/3

42.1 M Rahman Taylor, Mustafizur, to continue your seventh-word spell. Earth – in the length and middle – Taylor defends the back leg. 104/3

41.6 T Islam Raza, fishing in the middle and in the foot, tightly locked at the front leg. 104/3

41.5 To Islami Raza, who is completely out of this time, Sikandar Raza plays a bit of an expansive drive, pulling a man off the spot. 104/3

41.4 T Raza Isa, Go on your back on this and blow it out. 104/3

41.3 To Islam Raza. Another released from the outside again, Raza has nothing to do with it. 104/3

41.2 To Islam, to Raza, Spinny from around, a nice loop on it, remains alone. 104/3

41.1 T Raza, almost. Rapid, flat and sweeping straw, Raza is almost completed at a pace. Is it enough to put his stick down and get inside the edges on his pads. 104/3

40.6 M Rahman Taylor, WOAH! Fizz grabs the goal and leaves a little light outside on the outside. The ball rises from nowhere and lies in front of Taylor's face as he passes through him. It is good for him to get out of the way. One could easily pull a glove and lobbed up. 104/3

40.5 M Rahman Taylor, Full length and muted strain, Taylor plays it straight back to the cup on the front. 104/3

40.4 M Rahman Taylor, Fuller and middle, Taylor keep it with a straight bat. 104/3

40.3 M Rahman Taylor, Length bomb on pads this time, Taylor tucks her back in a pair of fine legs. Good working there! 104/3

40.2 M Rahman Taylor, free from Taylor! Chases after very wide and complete outsourcing. Sounds complete. Unnecessary! 102/3

40.1 M Rahman Taylor, The length of the supply of angling couples fairer. Taylor decides to dismiss it. 102/3

39.6 T Isles Raza, shorter and faster this time. Protects the back of the batsman. 102/3

39.5 T Raza, leading edge but sure! Raza is coming forward to defend the less complete supply. The ball runs safely to indicate. Do not run 102/3

39.4 T rads, a short ball and quickly in the middle, Raza goes back and defends him. 102/3

39.3 T Rose, A flattering ball on the off leg, defended on the front leg. 102/3

39.2 T Islami Taylor, Full and on pads, Taylor tucks it away behind the square feet on the side to run. 102/3

39.1 T Islams Taylor, pulled off the strain, draws Taylor forward, leading them in the middle off. Do not run 101/3

38.6 M Rahman Taylor, This is the length of the ball on the pads this time, Taylor plays it away to a deep square foot to keep strike by one. 101/3

38.5 M Rahman Taylor, Fuller length and off off strain Taylor, it seems like a plan. Taylor defends it well, though. 100/3

38.4 M Rahman to Raza, Out of the legs and short this time, Raza plays it down to make a fine footprint. It also brings 100 Zimbabweans. The works will be the last thing in their minds at the moment, though. 100/3

38.3 M Rahman to Raza, short in favor of length and hips, defended from the back of his foot with Raza. 99/3

Sikandar Raza is a young man.

38.2 M Rahman to Williams, OUT! Bowled & # 39; em! What's the delivery from Fizz from nowhere! The ball only climbs out, moving slightly after landing. Fully square to Williams, who plays the wrong line in an attempt to defend. The ball falls to the top at the strain. This gate should pump Bangladesh. 99/3

38.1 M Rahman on Williams, who runs it wide out, Williams let it through the goalkeeper. 99/2

Field placement for this pair – two gully fielders, a short middle gate fielder and a short cover fielder. So the line will be outside and he will look for it from this point of view.

37.6 TI Islam B Taylor, really good looking to drive again between the cap and the middle off. The ball does not reach the limit, as the medieval fielders aspire to the rope and demonstrate their foot in order to keep the team in a couple of training sessions. 99/2

37.5 T for Islam Taylor, Fuller and on pads, played with an angle to the middle. 97/2

37.4 T Islams Taylor, this time dragging on the pad, defended this time against short middle gates. 97/2

37.3 T to Islam Taylor, a similar bomb and similar played again. 97/2

37.2 T Islam Taylor, Full and Off Strain, held by Taylor. 97/2

37.1 T Islams Taylor, Four! This time very fast and fast, Taylor quickly positions himself and pulls it to the border using an extra cap. 97/2

36.6 M Rahman Williams, this time shorter, defender back leg. 93/2

36.5 M Rahman Williams, four! Williams is comfortable to collect, the legs of the combs and the shoulder blade simply lift it up and set the limit on a deep square foot. No federally located deep there. 93/2

36.4 M Rahman on Williams, around the goalkeeper to the left hander, as well as the ball on the length and on the pad, defended her back straight to the limestone. 89/2

36.3 M Rahman versus B Taylor, with a crack to the left of the pavement, the ball was full and out. Taylor takes one. 89/2

36.2 M Rahman Taylor, Good ball outside again, slightly overcrowded. Protected on the front leg on the cover. 88/2

36.1 M Rahman Taylor, a little full and out off, drove hard but straight to the middle off of Taylor. 88/2

35.6 To Islam for Williams, a similar delivery, this time defended on his back. 88/2

35.5 T Williams to Williams, Flatten ball at the mock during this time, Williams wants to fuck it, but he gets an incomplete short third man. Do not run 88/2

35.4 T Williams on Williams, flying and on a good length, appears to Williams on the inside edge of the neck, but only slightly away from the short leg. 88/2

35.3 T Williams on Williams, Full and Raised Out, Williams comes forward and defends. 88/2

35.2 To Islam on Williams, short and flat on the outside, squeezed from the back of the foot through the covers on the shoulder. 88/2

35.1 To Islam, Williams, Shawn defending himself more fully and quickly, excluding pigs. 86/2

34.6 M Rahman Taylor, Full and Off, Taylor defends a short covering on the front leg. 86/2

34.5 M Rahman to Taylor, in the air, but only slightly shorter than a short leg! Good length ball on pads, but there's a pitch. Taylor quickly penetrates his shot and the ball goes in the air against a short leg, but only drops in front of him. 86/2

34.4 M Rahman Taylor, a little full and on pads at this time, flicked away from the batsman to a pair of deep square feet. 86/2

34.3 M Rahman Taylor, around the gate now, has a leg gully position. Good length bombs out from, defending Taylor until a short extra coverage. 84/2

34.2 M Rahman to Williams, Lovely shot! This time Rachman lit up in full length, Sean stays back and pulls out a straight stick to steer it in the past. They take three trips. 84/2

34.1 M Rahman on Williams, the angle in the long ball on the off, remains a bit low, Williams keeps his eyes peeled to the ball, crouch a little bit, and then block it safely. No easy pitch now. 81/2

33.6 Taylor, Taylor is cruel to his line and length, Taylor defends it again. This is a good bowling! 81/2

33.5 T for Islam Taylor, Taylor has had enough defenses and lofts this one extra coverage for a couple of trips. 81/2

33.4 T Islam Taylor, Full and quick off off strain again, Taylor defends front leg. 79/2

33.3 T Islams Taylor, sooner this strain off, Taylor plays it with a spin to a point. Do not run 79/2

33.2 T islam Taylor, similar length to strain, defended again. 79/2

33.1 T Islams Taylor, Around the goalkeeper to a fairer, a good ball at the mock, turns a little, Taylor carefully defends. 79/2

32.6 M Rahman on Williams, Fuller Ball this time, Williams comes and defends the front leg. 79/2

32.5 M Rahman on Williams, Length bomb on off strain, defended from back traces with batsman. 79/2

32.4 M Rahman Williams, things happening here look like a cutter. After unloading, the ball shifted to the inside and slightly slipped to reach Williams's thigh. Lobs slip. 79/2

32.3 M Rahman to Williams, Good length outside at the strain, remains one. 79/2

32.2 M Rahman on S Williams, it was close! The ball falls to the right of the pylon, disperses after pitching and obtains a leading edge that passes through the fourth slip and torch. Batsmen pick up a couple. Lucky for Williams. 79/2

32.1 M Rahman Taylor, Short on the good length and on the hips, Taylor gets hit on the thigh pad and the ball rolls onto the deep penalty foot on the leg up. 77/2

31.6 To Islam Williams, the faster ball at the slide and full, Shaun comes forward and defends it. 76/2

31.5 T William Williams, shorter length this time, but faster, Williams defending his back. 76/2

31.4 T Williams Williams, a similar ball again, Williams shoulders. 76/2

31.3 T Williams to Williams, Flatter and sooner well outside, once again remains alone. 76/2

31.2 To Islam Williams, Sleek and wide outdoors, Williams let it go. 76/2

31.1 William Williams coming forward and defending him to cover the Williams Williams. 76/2

Thailand to Islam in a bowl from the other end.

30.6 M Rahman Taylor, A good length ball on the pad to stop the end, it plays on the front leg to the short middle door. 76/2

30.5 M Rahman Taylor, A similar length and line again, defended with straighten bat this time. 76/2

30.4 M Rahman Taylor, Back to good length and on the foot of the strain at this time, defended the short-middle goalkeepers from the back of the foot with Taylor. 76/2

30.3 M Rahman to B Taylor, Full and rounded round, head straight to the middle off. Do not run 76/2

30.2 M Rahman Taylor, a little more thorough and fishing over again, defended on the front foot at this time. 76/2

30.1 M Rahman Taylor, Good length and average strain start with, fishing over, but well defended by Taylor. 76/2

We are ready to get started. Great day for both teams. Brendan Taylor and Sean Williams go to work from day 4. Many rely on this pair if Zimbabwe gets something from this game. Mustafizur Rahman first take the ball on this last day.

Pitch Report – In the middle of Tino Mawoyo, the bomb really started to turn and bounce, and the Zimbabwean batman was hard-footed by the end of day 4. Adding that the gate is fresh, the lids have a bit of moisture and it will not be so much in the morning. Continuing to say there will be an uneven bounce, so it will be difficult for visitors to batman. Finally, saying that Brendan Taylor will be the key and that others will have to be well supported by him.

Looking forward to today, we can expect most of these sums to be destroyed by Bangladesh's vracker-in-the-main Taiyellow Islamist series. Pitch has begun to play tricks, and it would be a very difficult task for visiting batsmen to survive a spin test from Taijul, Mehidy and Mahmudullah (if necessary). As for Zimbabwe, Taylor will hold the key with Williams, Moor and Raza, who should support him if they want to win their third series of tests. Will the hosts win the game and share the trophy or will Zimbabwe croak to stand out? We will soon find out.

Welcome and welcome in the 2nd trial of Bangladesh and Zimbabwe on Day 5, including long tours on the last day! At the moment, the test-series players now get 0-1, but are the main player to share the trophy, winning today. Day 4 saw Bangladeshi batting for the second time in this test; they padded 224 innings with courtesy over the centuries from Captain Mahmudullah and made sure Zimbabwe's victory was more or less from the cards. The dwelling even captured a couple of Zimbabwe wickets against the day he was in good condition.

… Day 5, Session 1 …

The hosts are on the edge of this series drawing up to 1-1, but visitors will be disappointed with how they played in this test. Can they provide resistance or revenge? We look forward to a good competition. Join us on Thursday, which will be the last day of this series at. 9.30 local (0330 GMT). Still looking Look out.

367, which runs on Day 5, is not easy, but even Zimbabwe, to keep this test, it will not be easy to consider how to turn and boast about this pitch. Taylor's experience will be crucial again. On the other hand, the hosts will look for it to be prepared tomorrow. Spice has started to turn to spinners. It will be interesting to see how much they do not use it. Spinners will play an important role on the 5th DAY. Taiji will have their main bowl who can strike.

Bangladesh has had a good session because they have freed both the avers. Visitors would have liked the openers to stay until the end of the session, but that did not happen. The hosts could get them early if they had kept their catch. But today was their day.
They lost four fast gates for a moment, but then Mahmudullah and Mithun took away the game with hundreds of captains before the Tea had the cake icing.

The judges have looked at the light and are not too happy. They offer a lightweight batman and they are turned off. It's also STUMPS ON DAY 4!

29.6 To Islam on Williams, the flight at the exit to the strain, batsman accompanies it mid-off. 76/2

29.5 William William Williams will stand forward for Williams. 76/2

29.4 T Williams on Williams, Loopy delivering an average stump, Williams defending the back leg. 76/2

29.3 T Islams Taylor, Fluted supplies to throw off the strain, Taylor rides it on the covers. They take one. 76/2

29.2 T Islams Taylor, Flighted Delivery Average Stump, Taylor Blocks It Well. 75/2

29.1 T Islams Taylor, The batsman has been played at the front leg and on the ground. 75/2

28.6 M Hassan to Williams returns and defends him from his curvature. 75/2

28.5 M Hassan to Williams, Oohhh … comes forward, looks like to shoot, but the ball turns away removes the leading edge and sway through the free silly point in the region. 75/2

28.4 M Hassan-Williams, Short and Out, Williams looks to turn, but goes down the back to the cafe. 75/2

28.3 M Hasan Taylor, BYE. Fully and out, Taylor looks to defend, but the ball spins aside aside, but Rahim fumbles. One opposite square foot. 75/2

28.2 M Hasan on Taylor, Flared delivery at throw strain, Taylor defending from the front foot. 74/2

28.1 Hasan to Taylor, overwhelming appeal to LBW! NO OUT! Toy up to the strains, Taylor comes forward to defend, but gets hit on the pads. A bowl of appeals, but the judge shakes his head. 74/2

27.6 T, Islam Taylor, it works with the middle gateway for one. 74/2

27.5 T Islam Taylor, Full and about mid, pushed back to the cup. 73/2

27.4 T for Islam Taylor, batsman is the defender of it, getting straight behind the supply line. 73/2

27.3 T Islami Taylor, Full again, Taylor comes forward and blocks. 73/2

27.2 T Williams on Williams, flounced for the delivery of an average stump, Williams becomes an edge over a short leg fielder. The ball returned and went to the foot. Batsmen takes one. 73/2

27.1 T William Williams, bent at the mock, Williams defending him at the front leg. 72/2

26.6 M Hasan to Taylor, Protected from the front foot with the batsman showing the whole stick. 72/2

26.5 M Hasana to Taylor, Full again, well blocked. 72/2

26.4 M Hasan to Taylor, Batsman played it from the ankle and ground. 72/2

26.3 M Hasan to B Taylor, Full on the middle, pushed to the middle. 72/2

26.2 M Hassan to Taylor, batsman defends him from the cross. 72/2

26.1 M Hasan Taylor, Full and down leg, Taylor looks to shoot, but not used. The ball passes something on a short leg and is a huge appeal, but in vain. 72/2

25.6 T Islams B Taylor, Batsman have run them in the middle. One run has been added to the total number. 72/2

25.5 To Islam on Williams, Batsman is to beat the ball to the rear. Batsman must go through one. 71/2

Sean Williams walks with number 4, replacing Chari.

25.4 T for Isles Chari, OUT! LBW! The decision remains the same as it is and Zimbabwe loses both Chari and the report! Bad shot with knife Flared delivery out of slipping, Chari goes to a roar sweep, but does not use it and gets rapped on pads. Taijül is loudly accustomed and judge Dharmasen releases it after long-term thinking. Chari has a chat with Taylor and then decides to go to the review. The effects are in order and the wickets are hitting. Zimbabwe loses its review. They have lost both detection points. He tried to look good in the middle, perhaps exaggerated by the attack. 70/2

Chari is already recognized as LBW! He has reviewed …

25.3 T Islami Chari, Come on and defend it carefully. 70/1

25.2 To Islam on Chari, Batsman is defending it, getting straight behind the supply line. 70/1

25.1 T Chari, Full and round, carefully defended. 70/1

24.6 M Hasan to Taylor, again raised middle stump, Taylor defends the back leg. 70/1

24.5 M Hasan to Chari, short Bowls, Chari pulls the gates among them. They take one. 70/1

24.4 M Hasan to Chari, again attractive delivery to the middle flush, Chari defends the back leg. 69/1

24.3 M Hassan to Taylor, the cups full of legs, batsman will hit them among one. 69/1

24.2 M Hasan to Taylor, Taylor defending from the front foot while lining the middle stump. 68/1

24.1 M Hasan on Taylor, Flared delivery at throw strain, Taylor defending from the front foot. 68/1

23.6 T Islami on Chari, Lotosed outside at the stump, batsman again offers no shot. 68/1

23.5 T Islami on Chari, Dirty away from the spatula, Chari lets go. 68/1

23.4 T for Isles for Chari, Flared for legs, Chari defending at the front leg. 68/1

23.3 To Islam on Chari, Batsman rocks on the back and stants a ball. 68/1

23.2 To Islam on Chari, Batsman is defending it, getting straight behind the supply line. 68/1

23.1 T Chari, the guard of the game, carefully defended. 68/1

Brendan Taylor walks with number 3, replacing the captain.

22.6 M Hasan to Masakad, OUT! This time it's caught! The rapid role of Mominul Haque. The floor is finally divided. Masakadza, devastated on the middle trunk, tries to defend from the ankle, but passes the inner edges to the pad and the lobnits to the short leg. Mehdi has given a first strike to Bangladesh. It's been a long time, though if they used their opportunities earlier, they could have hooked up more cabin hitherto. 68/1

22.5 M Hasan to B Chari, a short ball, pulled to the middle of the middle one for one. 68/0

22.4 M Hasan to Charles, flew around, carefully defended. 67/0

22.3 M Hasan to Chari, Blade on the middle trunk, shoulder blade to swiftly sweep the square leg. Batsmen pick up a couple. 67/0

22.2 M Hassan to B Chari, FOUR! Terrific shot. The box is short and flat, Chari pulls a gate to the border among them. 65/0

22.1 M Hasan to Chari, Lidot delivery medium comb, Chari defends from the front foot. 61/0

21.6 For Islam H Masakadza, Full and out, the HM looks to run, but obtains a thick outer edge, which is a wide first slip. Two rides taken. 61/0

21.5 T Islam Masacaji, This ball has put pads on the inner edges. 59/0

21.4 To Islam Masakadzai, Outside, there remains one. 59/0

21.3 To Islam Masakadzai, completely and externally, Hamilton looks to lead, but the ball will spin away and go for the first slip. 59/0

21.2 To Islam Masakadzai, Batsman defended it by getting straight behind the supply line. 59/0

21.1 To Islam, Masakadzai, Full and around, carefully guarded. 59/0

20.6 M Hasan to Chari, the middle paw is again drawn, Chari defends from back leg. 59/0

20.5 M Hasan to Masakad, a logical supply to the legs, the captain pushes it at the foot of the leg. They take one. 59/0

20.4 M Hasan to Chari, Bear on the middle trunk, Chari puts it on a square foot. Batsmen takes one. 58/0

20.3 M Hasan H Masakadza, Lidot supply to the average stump, the captain drives it in the middle for one. 57/0

20.2 M Hasan to Masakadzai, Flap delivery to the legs, Masakadza gets it at the thigh pillow. 56/0

20.1 M Hasan to Masakadzai, hanging on the leg of the tendon, the captain pushes it to the side of the leg. 56/0

19.6 T he Islam H Masakahi, Guide the medieval times. They take one. 56/0

19.5 T Islam Masakadzai, Full and around, well defended. 55/0

19.4 To Islam on Masakadz, back of the back with a spatula. 55/0

19.3 T Islami on Chari, Short and rounded round with one cap. 55/0

19.2 T Islami Chari, Now this one is cutting the second way, remains alone. 54/0

19.1 To Islam to Chari, LARGE ENVIRONMENT LBW! NO OUT! Inflating on the middle stump, Chari tries to defend the front leg and gets rapped on the pads. The players are complaining, but the referee shakes his head. It was probably down. 54/0

18.6 Haque on Masakadza, a wide exterior at the pig, the captain pleked his hands on this one. 54/0

18.5 Haque on Masakadza, good length delivery outside the slip, the captain offers without a shot. 54/0

18.4 Haika Masakaji, the length of the delivery to the pig, Hamilton allows. 54/0

18.3 Muscat Haque, wide out of the strain, Masakadza lets it go. 54/0

18.2 Haque on Masakadza, Length delivery on the slider, Masakadza defending the back leg. 54/0

18.1 Haque to Masakadza, Full out of strain, Captain accompanies it on the covers. 54/0

BEVERAGE BREAK. What hours do visitors play! They are under pressure and have had a couple of lifelines. But the most important thing is that so far they have not lost any goals. They hope to continue to do good work and keep losses down to zero or as low as possible to Stumps.

17.6 To Islam on B Chari, Flattering and faster than pads stamped to the middle. No run The journalist indicates that drinks come to the field. 54/0

17.5 T Islami Chari, Full and turning away, Chari goes for a lofted shot above the extra cover. It's just outside the reach of the fielder and the batsmen return to the two. 54/0

17.4 To Islam on Chari, Batsman is defending it, getting straight behind the supply line. 52/0

17.3 T Chari, in the middle and at the foot, watched the couple in the middle gate. 52/0

17.2 To Islam on Chari, Batsman has been played that from the front leg and the ground. 50/0

17.1 T Islama Chari, unloading out, Chari looks to defend, but the ball spins, and then turns away to beat the outer edge. 50/0

Return to the tajul Islam.

16.6 Haque on Chari, Fuller length ball outside at strain, drive to sweeper on run. Thus, between the two, 50 station holders are created. This is a good start to Zimbabwe. And this is their first 50th turning bench in the opening spans 8 spells in time. The previous came back in October 2017 against West Indies. 50/0

16.5 Haque to Masakadza, full and out of strain, the captain will defend the front foot to the point. 49/0

16.4 Haque H Masakadza, Oooh! Almost played! Masakadza put his dice down very late to defend this long ball directly outside, pass through the inner edge and the ball resumes only on the foot. 48/0

16.3 Haque on Masakadza, Length of ball fishing on the middle stump, Masakadza accompanies it in the middle off. No action has been taken though. 48/0

16.2 Haque to Masakadza, Full and out of. At this time, only one leaves it. 48/0

16.1 Mascat, Mascara full of exterior, Haak, accompany it on a short cover. Do not run 48/0

15.6 M Hasan on Chari, Full and outer from the outside, Chari defended himself in front. 48/0

15.5 M Hasan to Chari, Smooth and faster to go down to an angle. Chari gets behind and defends the back leg. 48/0

15.4 M Hasan to Masakadzai, Right and middle, Masakadza comes down from the pitch and hits it deep into the middle of the gate to run. 48/0

15.3 M Hasan to Masakad, jump midway. Stay safe. 47/0

15.2 M Hasan on Masakadzu, Flatter and faster on the pads, the skipper reads, but it touches a short leg forward. Do not run 47/0

15.1 M Hasan to Masakad, around the gate, full and fuzzy. Defended at the front of the Masakage. 47/0

14.6 Haque on Chari, Full and on pads, flicked away from the batsman to a deep square foot for a couple of runs. Easily collect them for Zimbabwe. 47/0

14.5 Haika Chari, Good-length ball and moving slightly, Chari's shoulders in her hands again. 45/0

14.4 Haque Chari, Good length and wide out of, remains only Chari. 45/0

14.3 Maskavasha this time, Fuller this time, played from the front leg to the sweeper again to launch. 45/0

14.2 Masquez Haque, wide exterior and long, Masakadza is high and pulls it to the right side of the sweeper and picks up a couple of runs. 44/0

14.1 Haque on Masakadza, a good-length ball on a stomp off, which the captain defended from the back of the foot. 42/0

Ariful Haque is on the attack.

13.6 M Hasan to Chari, completely and out, batsman has defended it, getting straight behind the supply line. 42/0

13.5 M Hassana to H Masacaji, Full Tilt on the pad, the captain pushes it to the deep middle gate again. 42/0

13.4 M Hasan on Chari, completely outdoors, Chari mumbled and sweetened to one deep square leg. 41/0

13.3 M Hasan to Masakadzai, completely and outdoors, Masakadza drops to the goal and hits straight to the middle and goes to one. Plavnieki in the middle is shy at the strains, but the throw is very wide. Would it have been interesting if he had hit. 40/0

13.2 M Hasan to Masakad, a copy of the previous ball and a copy of the defense. 39/0

13.1 M Hasan to Masakad, Mehdi Cup, the first of which was flying out. Masakadza comes forward and defends. 39/0

Mehdi Hasan introduced now.

12.6 K Ahmedam on Chari, Full and on pads, Chari drives through the middle for a few more trips. He is expensive to move from Khaled, he has been to all this place. 11 of it. 39/0

12.5 K Ahmedam H Masakadi, once again exaggerating, Masakadza drives it over the land to the outer limit, but the ball does not have a leg to reach the fence. They work three. 37/0

12.4 K Ahmed on Masakadza, short and headed, Masakadza simply ducks and lets the ball go. 34/0

12.3 K Ahmedam Masacaji, four! A delightful ride from Masaakja! The full and exclusion of the moon, the captain pushes it all to the ground for a long time to four! 34/0

12.2 K Ahmedam uz Chari, pilnīgu un izslēgtu celmu, Chari trāpījumu to taisni atpakaļ pie kauss, kurš mēģina nokļūt, lai apturētu to, bet mēģina nokļūt un nokļūst uz skropstu galvu. Batsmen izvelk vienu, lai bumbu, jo bumba mainās virzienā pēc tam, kad ir sasniedzis kausu. 30/0

12.1 K Ahmed līdz Masakadzai, Pilns un makšķerēšana spilventiņos, Masakadza spiež to prom uz dziļo vidējo vārtiņi vienam. 29/0

11.6 T islams uz Chari, Fuller un pagrieziena prom, Chari mēģina nokļūt aiz bumbu rindas un aizstāvēt, bet tas aizņem iekšējo malu uz spilventiņu un kritieniem kritieniem trūkst slīdēšanas. 28/0

11.5 T islama Chari, Fuller šoreiz vidū, aizstāvēja taisni atpakaļ uz priekšējās kājas. 28/0

11.4 T islams Chari, četriem! Good shot here from Chari, rocks back to a short of a length ball and punches it through cover for a four. 28/0

11.3 T Islam to Chari, Shorter and on middle, Chari defends off the back foot. 24/0

11.2 T Islam to Chari, Good length ball but quicker this time, he pushes it on the off side to point. No run. 24/0

11.1 T Islam to Chari, Flighted on middle. Chari defends on the front foot. 24/0

10.6 K Ahmed to Chari, Short and wide outside off. Chari frees his arms and pulls it to deep mid-wicket. The batsmen run through for a single. 24/0

10.5 K Ahmed to Chari, Full and outside off, seams in a little after landing. Chari decides to leave it alone. 23/0

10.4 K Ahmed to Chari, Fuller and aimed at middle stump, the batsman plays it back to the bowler with a straight bat. 23/0

10.3 K Ahmed to B Chari, Good bowling by Khaled here! This one is quicker and at the stumps, hurried up Chari who manages to get an inside edge that saves him. 23/0

10.2 K Ahmed to Chari, Shorter ball, also slower in pace. Chari wants to pull it away but is through his shot even before the ball reaches him. The ball goes to Rahim on the bounce. 23/0

10.1 K Ahmed to Chari, Good length ball and outside off, Chari shoulders his arms to it. 23/0

9.6 T Islam to Chari, Defended off the back foot by the batsman. The batsmen have run through for a single. 23/0

9.5 T Islam to Chari, SIX! He continues to attack Taijul. Full and outside off, Chari comes down the track and lofts it over long off! 22/0

9.4 T Islam to Chari, On a length around off, watchfully defended. 16/0

9.3 T Islam to Chari, The batsman defends it from within the crease. 16/0

9.2 T Islam to Chari, Around off, punched towards cover. 16/0

9.1 T Islam to Chari, FOUR! SMASH! Full and outside off, Chari comes forward and lofts it over mid on, one bounce and into the fence! 16/0

8.6 K Ahmed to H Masakadza, EGDED BUT DROPPED! Again! Regulation catch dropped and more disappointment for the youngster. 3rd catch dropped off his bowling and he's still left yearning for his first Test scalp. Good ball outside off, seaming away after landing, Masakadza just hung his bat outside and gets an outside edge that carried fast and at a good height to Mehidy at gully. However he wasn't able to rise up quickly and hence, the ball fell out of his hands. 12/0

8.5 K Ahmed to Masakadza, Almost the same as last ball, the ball just bounces a bit more. The skipper is surprised as he tries to defend and the ball hits him high on the bat. 12/0

8.4 K Ahmed to Masakadza, Khaled is bowling it in good areas. Just outside off and good length again. Solid defense by Masakadza though. 12/0

8.3 K Ahmed to Masakadza, Slightly fuller and outside off, left alone again. 12/0

8.2 K Ahmed to Masakadza, Good ball! On a good length and seams in after landing. Masakadza lets it go but it was closer to the off pole than he anticipated. 12/0

8.1 K Ahmed to Masakadza, Good length ball on off stump, Masakadza defends it to cover. 12/0

7.6 T Islam to Chari, Full and on middle again, Chari comes ahead and defends with the full face of the bat. 12/0

7.5 T Islam to Chari, Full and flighted outside off stump, Chari raises his arms to let it go through. 12/0

7.4 T Islam to Chari, Shorter and turns away from the batsman. He pushes it to point. No run. 12/0

7.3 T Islam to Chari, Fuller and slightly flighted outside off. Chari defends it by getting behind the line of the ball. 12/0

7.2 T Islam to Chari, Good length ball on the stumps, Kept out by Chari. 12/0

7.1 T Islam to Chari, Short and delivered from very wide of the stumps by Taijul. Chari makes room and punches it through cover for a double. 12/0

6.6 K Ahmed to H Masakadza, Good length and outside off this time. Masakadza drives it confidently through cover for a couple. Good shot that! 10/0

6.5 K Ahmed to Masakadza, The batsman lets the ball go outside his off stump. 8/0

6.4 K Ahmed to Masakadza, A bouncer now, Hamilton sways away. 8/0

6.3 K Ahmed to Masakadza, On a length outside off, watchfully left alone. 8/0

6.2 K Ahmed to Masakadza, The batsman defends it from within the crease. 8/0

Khaled Ahmed to bowl now.

6.1 K Ahmed to Chari, A short ball, down the leg side, pulled through square leg for a single. 8/0

5.6 T Islam to Masakadza, Outside off, Hamilton comes forward to defend but the ball rips past the outside edge. 7/0

5.5 T Islam to Masakadza, Full and flighted outside off again, the skipper just lets it go through this time. 7/0

5.4 T Islam to Masakadza, NOT OUT! The decision has been overturned! Zimbabwe and Masakadza heave a sigh of relief! Flighted and pitched outside leg, Masakadza came forward to defend the ball but the ball missed his bat and went off something to silly point. Bangladesh appeal and umpire Dharmasena upheld the appeal. The captain was confused a bit, as to whether he was adjudged LBW or caught. He has a long chat with his partner and then eventually signalled for the review. Replays show that the ball just grips and turns viciously as it hits a rough spot on the pitch. No evidence on the Ultra Edge. The third umpire does not check for LBW but even if he had, that seemed to be pitching outside leg stump. 7/0

Fist wicket down! Or is it? Hamilton Masakadza has been given out caught at silly point. The skipper looks bemused at first but then eventually takes the review.

5.3 T Islam to Masakadza, Full and on middle stump, defended safely on this occasion. 7/0

5.2 T Islam to Masakadza, BEATEN! Similar ball but grips and turns a bit more this time. Masakadza tries to defend but goes past his outside edge. Lots of excitement among the close-in fielders. 7/0

5.1 T Islam to Masakadza, Flighted on middle, Masakadza defends. 7/0

4.6 M Rahman to Chari, Back to over the wicket for the last ball, Chari defends on the back foot. 7/0

4.5 M Rahman to Chari, Short of a good length this time, aimed at the ribs, Chari wants to play the pull but misses it completely as the ball doesn't bounce as much he expected it to. Gets hit on the left rib. 7/0

4.4 M Rahman to Masakadza, Length ball drifting down the legside this time, the captain plays it down to fine leg for a run. 7/0

4.3 M Rahman to Masakadza, Good length ball on off stump, rock solid defense by Masakadza on his front foot. 6/0

4.2 M Rahman to Masakadza, Wide outside off again, left alone again. 6/0

4.1 M Rahman to Masakadza, Good length outside off stump, the skipper shoulders his arms to it. 6/0

3.6 T Islam to B Chari, Full and flighted this time, Chari looks to defend straight but gets an inside edge onto his pads. 6/0

3.5 T Islam to Chari, Full and on middle stump, defended on the front foot. 6/0

3.4 T Islam to Chari, Shorter and wide outside off, Chari cuts it straight to backward point. No run. 6/0

3.3 T Islam to Chari, Short and slightly turning away, Chari punches it in the gap square on the off side for a couple. 6/0

3.2 T Islam to Chari, Full and on the stumps. The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery. 4/0

3.1 T Islam to Chari, Shorter and quicker this time, defended straight back to the bowler. 4/0

2.6 M Rahman to Chari, Good length ball starting on middle stump. The batsman looks to play the flick but misses and the ball raps him on the pads. Appeal from the bowler and close-in fielders but not out says the umpire. Must be going down leg with the angle. A leg bye has been taken down to fine leg. 4/0

2.5 M Rahman to Chari, Good length and outside off again. Left alone again. 3/0

2.4 M Rahman to Chari, Around the wicket for this ball, outside off and on a length. Left alone by Chari. 3/0

2.3 M Rahman to Chari, Outside off, moving away, left alone. 3/0

2.2 M Rahman to Chari, Gets right across and blocks it towards short mid-wicket. 3/0

2.1 M Rahman to Chari, On a length around off, solidly defended. 3/0

1.6 T Islam to Masakadza, On the pads this time, the skipper defends it to short mid-wicket. No run. 3/0

1.5 T Islam to Masakadza, Full and on middle stump, defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. 3/0

1.4 T Islam to Masakadza, What a ball! Turn and bounce from Taijul with the new ball. Masakadza wants to defend it but it beats his outside edge and goes to Rahim. 3/0

1.3 T Islam to Masakadza, Full and flighted on the pads this time, the skipper defends it onto the ground. 3/0

1.2 T Islam to Chari, DROPPED! Second ball from Taijul and he already had a chance to pick up a wicket! Drives the batsman onto his front foot and gets the outside edge that goes to first slip who can't hold on to it. Chari played that very far away from his body. The batsmen run one. 3/0

1.1 T Islam to Masakadza, Short and wide outside off, turns away slightly. Masakadza cuts it in the gap to deep point and picks up a single. 2/0

Taijul Islam to bowl with the new ball from the Runner End.

0.6 M Rahman to Chari, Ends the over with a bouncer. Chari just ducks and avoids it. 1/0

0.5 M Rahman to Chari, Good length ball outside off, low bounce this time. Chari watches as it goes through to Chakabva. 1/0

0.4 M Rahman to Chari, Good length ball on the off stump, defended solidly by the batsman this time. 1/0

0.3 M Rahman to Chari, Length ball outside off, well left by Chari. Good carry on the new ball. The ball holds its line. 1/0

0.2 M Rahman to Masakadza, Good length ball on leg stump again, the skipper tries to defend but he gets a thick inside edge to deep square leg for a single. 1/0

0.1 M Rahman to Masakadza, Starts off with a ball on the pads, slight shape. Masakadza defends it to short mid-wicket. 0/0

First published: November 15, 2018, 9:02 AM IST

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