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Kenya's club accuses the Ugandan game results coach

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Kenya club owner on Thursday accused Ugandan football coaches and players of losing games for which they had bets.

Cleophas Shimanyula, who owns the Home Boyz football club in western Kakamega, accused former Ugandan builders of Paul Nkatu and his assistant for cash to influence the results of two races at SportPesa's sponsored lead league.

After the team was bad, the investigation showed that Nkata, 58, who in 2016 led the Kenyan Tusker Club to the Premiership victory, and several players had bets and manipulated the results.

"We thought the bad race was just normal, but we … found out that our coach has bets on games. He has paid some players from 50,000 to 200,000 shillings ($ 500 – $ 2000) to lose games. , "Shimanyula told reporters.

"We understand that Nkata went to Uganda on Monday after someone killed him, that he was being investigated, and the police arrested him." Shimanyula told AFP.

The police said they had started a scandal investigation.

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