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Ingress Prime with New visuals, features launched on Android and iOS


Ingress Prime with New visuals, features launched on Android and iOS

The Niantic Locating AR game Ingress has been resumed on Ingress Prime

Ingress, the location-enhanced reality game that Niantic launched in 2012, was one of the first mobile games to use AR and research. The game, which paved the way for hits like Pokemon Go, and many other AR games that followed in the years to come, has finally won the much-needed re-launch. The new visually improved game has been launched on Android and iOS, and it's called Ingress Prime with Niantic. For existing users, Ingress Prime gets an update, and new users can download the game from the respective Android and iOS stores.

The basic direction of the game has not changed, but with Ingress Prime, Niantic has introduced cleaner images, a new user interface and today's graphics. It improves sound quality, improves inventory management techniques, and alleviates attack and protection modes. Prime is also a new training that accurately explains the game's point and thus allows players to make a reasoned decision about whether to join the "Illuminated" clan or "resistance" clan. The new training tutorial now explains the basic mechanics of the game, the story of how to detect and control the sites, and get an exotic substance (XM).

For those who are already playing the game, Ingress Prime will now allow the players to "Repeat" by resetting the agent's level and group selection, while keeping all the badges and obtaining a new badge to indicate their status. Existing users can transfer their status, but if they choose to start again, Niantic will offer them the Prestige badge to lose their place, and save their inventory and max AP, with the exception of a special discount. Rebooting additionally complements the fast-moving slider menu, one-finger card gestures, Facebook account attachment, and improved anti-intruder and security features.

Niantic has built Ingress Prime with the same engine as Pokemon Go, which means it can also get into the first. This means that there is a hope that the newly created adventure synchronization tool can also come in Ingress Prime.

You can download the new Ingress Prime software for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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