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HUAWEI Mate20 series unconditional driving reasons


The HUAWEI Mate20 series presentation and its unique features are well featured in the international media.

The HUAWEI Mate 20 series receives positive feedback and media awards

The best camera is what you own, and if you choose, choose HUAWEI Mate20 Pro

Everyone was unexpected when Huawei beat Apple's sales and took second place in the world, but after the presentation of the new Mate20 series, experts predict that HUAWEI will take the first place and replace Samsung. Experts' opinions are shared by various well-known media, and their opinions are unfounded.

According to the latest figures for 2018, The HUAWEI Mate20 series has received positive reviews and media awards. In the short term, 41 global reports were received from global and regional media, and these data are expected to continue to grow.

The fact is that HUAWEI strengthens competition as it finds ways to surprise, pamper and plead with its customers. The company focuses on everyday functions such as long lasting battery life and new color variations.

The HUAWEI Mate20 series presentation and its unique features are well featured in the international media.

One of the most famous magazines, Forbes, writes: "My forst impressio9n for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro was positive from the beginning. Like other technology publications, I'm excited about its features as long as they cover everything that you can ask in 2018. mobile phone. After the use of a smartphone in a week, I can confirm that the first suggestion and expectations are fully justified. "

PC World publishes an article and offers its readers the best choice: if you have a dilemma and you have to choose the best option, it would be Mate 20 Pro. This is a smartphone with a new wide-angle camera, night mode and a 5x hybrid zoom. The new series promises a more exciting photo. As said, the best camera is what you own, and if you choose, choose HUAWEI Mate20 Pro. "

Gulf News writes: "Huawei has moved to a different level with the presentation of the Mate 20 series, which is dangerous for its rivals."

ZDNet estimates the Huawei Mate 20 series: "Huawei Mate 20 includes all the best features in one device, and it will surely be difficult to win it."

"The Huawei Mate 20 is a great phone with an enhanced camera that captures pictures you've once dreamed of. It's the best balance between actual optics and processing power," writes Digital Camera World.

The unique features of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro are highlighted in the Metro publication: "Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the leading example of the phone in 2018. It has the best hardware, several smart software and several prominent features, such as the screen fingerprint."

Mighty Gadget Reports: "With the Huawei Mate 20 series of dedicated cameras and batteries, I can now do most of my work without an additional camera, and without fear that the battery will remain, up to half the shooting is completed, even because the phone is worth it. pay money. "

And yet, what are the unconditional driving behaviors of the Huawei Mate20 series?

The most beautiful and attractive design, unique and innovative colors.

• It is equipped with the most innovative and small 7-nanometer processor – the Kirin 980, which uses a processor based on the Cortex-A76 and Mali-G76 GPUs. With the perfect combination of Dual-NPU and Cat.21 modem, they work more efficiently and consume less power.

• With the new Kirin 980, it already has the ability to capture 46% of improved graphics. In addition, while playing games, AI can determine the workload and provide resources to ensure optimal image and quality. Compared to the previous generation, the Kirin 980 delivers the fastest application downloads.

• The old smartphone keeps an old tradition, and in conjunction with Leica, all three main cameras are created, which allows users to get objects at least at a distance and focus even up to 2.5 cm from the lens. Unlike previous models, the lens has a more enhanced lens with a wider view (16 mm).

• The HUAWEI Mate20 Series comes with the Android Pie based EMUI 9.0, with which users can access all the smartphone's work and entertainment features by simply touching the screen. EMUI 9.0 follows the GPU Turbo 2.0 – with more support for game lovers.

Another important function of the system is HiVision, which allows the camera to capture famous attractions or paintings and provide users with information about them.

• Improved battery life: Battery life has been improved and improved on the new HUAWEI models. With a 4,200mp battery, you can charge up to 70% of your phone within 30 minutes.

• HUAWEI Mate20 Pro is the first smartphone in the world to support 4.5G LTE Cat. 21 standard, which gives users the ability to use 1.4 GB / s download speed. It also has the fastest Wi-Fi connection for max. 10 seconds download.

• HUAWEI Mate20 Pro supports 3D face unlocking. Using this feature, it is possible to identify the user for only six seconds. The front of the camera is equipped with a 3D advanced sensor, which allows the device to see the smallest detail objects with the highest precision. Fingerprint access is installed directly on the screen.

• The HUAWEI Mate20 series also has AI portrait color video mode. With the AI, the HUAWEI Mate20 series can isolate people and paint colors around them to dramatically highlight a person. AI Spotlight Reel identifies clips with a common theme and automatically generates assembly that is fully made from the exit.

• In-screen fingerprint featuring sophisticated design, latest Kirin 980 processor, 3X optical zoom, unusual shooting capability, next-generation intelligence capabilities, fastest charging functionality and 4K support – the new HUAWEI Mate20 series delivers excellence in innovative technology. .

HUAWEI's products and services are available in more than 170 countries and are used by one third of the world's population. The 16 R & D centers operate worldwide, in the US, Germany, Sweden, Russia, and India and China.

HUAWEI Consumer BG is one of HUAWEI's three business units and its main focus is the production of smartphones, personal computers, tablets and cloud computing. Huawei Global Network is based on 20 years of telecommunications experience and offers innovative technologies to consumers around the world.

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