Tuesday , March 21 2023

Here's all you need to know about GMO crops


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs or GMOs) are one of the most popular fields of biological and agricultural research. However, one of the types of GMO refusal tactics is that "there is no evidence that GMOs are safe." It's time to look at the scientific facts of GMOs – testing myth from science.

Generally, the party involved in the debate (those who claim to be GMOs) is responsible for the evidence supporting their claim. But, the anti-GMO gang is based on the argument of ignorance, trying to force the argument "if you cannot prove that they are safe, they must be unsafe".

I've written many articles on GMOs focusing on scientific evidence supported by high quality research. And more than a few articles debuted myths and bad research from the anti-GMO crowd. To help those who are doing research on this topic, this article was created as a one-stop shop for the facts of GMO science – and fiction.

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