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Ghosn's close assistant says FSA OK without specifying a retirement payment

This June 11th, 2014 file photo shows the Financial Services Agency Tokyo Chiyoda Ward. (Mainichi)

TOKYO (Kyodo) – Greg Kelly, a close assistant to Carlos Ghosn, the chairman of Nissan Motor Co., claims that the Japanese financial services agency said there was no need to report what Ghosn plans to receive after retirement, informed sources on Thursday.

Tokyo prosecutors believe that both knew about the need to report Ghosn's post-retirement benefit package, but did not. However, Kelly will probably reject allegations that he deliberately forged securities reviews.

Former Nissan Representative Director was arrested along with Ghosn on November 19th with suspicions of financial violations of the invasion. According to sources Kelly has said that he consulted with the accountant and lawyer on the need to report late retirement.

He also told prosecutors that there was no need to report remuneration, as it still had to be addressed, sources said. Kelly's lawyer told the Kyodo News day in the United States before Kelly "absolutely believes he was legitimate."

The post-training payment, which was not recorded for eight years from the 2010 fiscal policy, was about 8 billion yen ($ 71 million) and was intended, among other things, to pay consultancy costs.

Ghosn probably thought he would receive around 2 billion yen a year for remuneration, but instructs Kelly to quote in securities reports that he earned 1 billion yen a year and planned to receive the remainder after retirement, sources point out.

The FSA stated that it was not involved in individual cases.

Gosn arrested prosecutors because he allegedly violated Japan's financial instruments and stock exchange law by not giving his remuneration about five billion yen in March 2015, although he received around 10 billion yen in the period, for five years.

Prosecutors are also considering prosecuting him for less than 3 billion yen to be accounted for remuneration received over a three-year period from April 2015.

Ghosn has declined the fee.

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