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Fantasy beasts: Have you recovered harmful cinema?

Fantastic beasts: grindelwald crimes is a big promise in the eyes of many people. Three months after the last book of Potter Deathly Hallows, was published, author JK Rowling revealed to the fans that she "always thought of Dumbledore as a gay", even though none of the books mentioned his gender.

Not only that, but Gellert Grindelwald, who played in Johnny Depa's film, is the man Rowling, described as the great love of life in Dumbledore. Was this the moment Rowling was about to satisfy his comments? Unfortunately, no. The film tells of Jude Law's Dumbledore's intense relationship with Grindelwald, but, as is often the case with Hollywood's LGBT + symbols, his sexuality is left under the subtext.

This is the case when the repeat conversations have become incorrect. A term, also known as "retroactive continuity," is described when the creator reconsiders the particular aspect of his work. Everything you think you know may change. And so, Rowling was simply retaking with Dumbledore's backstory: he was a gay all the time, it's just never mentioned before. However, re-accumulation may mean that you completely overwrite things that you've already seen on the screen. It happened with Star Wars, Mad Max and Halloween.

Sometimes it can breathe new life during the franchise, but, as in the Rowling case, it can also call into question more harm than good. Although revelation was initially praised as a move to inclusion, Rowling has now left fans in a position that they should actively focus on finding the right subtext, simply because she said that.

This is not the only controversial change that Rowling has given to his Wizarding World, as Grindelwald crimes reveals that Nagini, Mr. Voldemort's serpent, is actually a woman playing Claudia Kim. More precisely, she is Maledictus, which means a person who can turn into an animal, but is cursed that one day remains in an animal's condition. Many fans responded with interest and even anxiety, but accusations of short-sightedness were fast.

Kim's participation makes the Wizarding World so much diverse as needed, but why was the South Korean actor bestowed on Nagini, as the name has strong ties to the Indian language in Sanskrit? Adding that, the character is unattractive to recall how Asian women are stereotypical either as men (later as Voldemort's pet) or as a "dragonfly" type (quite literally here).

It should be noted here that Rowling's rush to the top of its various Wizarding world is not just a series of token gestures that do not add to the original work, but actually weaken the universe itself, suggesting a constant flow state. Does the creator really demand that their fans want to change their understanding of work at the grave fall just because they say that?

Fantasy beasts: crimes Grindelwald – trailer

Practitioners have a long history – Arthur Conan Doyle perfectly re-contacted his Sherlock Holmes stories in order for a detective to survive heavily at Reichenbach Falls – but the very word came from a DC comic All-Star Squadron when in February 1983, the writer Roy Thomas responded to the fan's letter.

The comic was set up in an alternative universe called the Earth-two created by DC Comics to allow its superheroes in real-time age and also offers the ability to identify continuity errors and to transform several origins. By asking about it, Tom said they started calling their "reverse continuity" approach, adding: "Do you have a kind of ring, right?"

The term quickly gained popularity in the comic world, as the need for consistent storytelling stories of one character, often over several decades, requires a drastic (and often) re-understanding. Therefore retconning is an acceptable part of the comic book community. The same can not be said about the movie. Rowling's dubious relationship with practice is also passed on to her partner by the influence of spiritual culture: George Lucas.

The history of the star wars and its retreat is a bit more complicated. Some are a proven example of how a retina can become an accepted part of the canon and fans are suited to prevent any discrepancies. In New hope (1977), Octaw-Guynews tells Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) that his father, Anakin, was charged and killed by Darth Vader.

However, as we all know, Darth Vader appears as Luke's father inside The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Initially, Darth Vader and Anakin were meant to be two separate characters, but Lucas decided to combine them with the narrative comfort, saying that Obi-Wan's description was still right from a "certain point of view," because Anakin was essentially the dead eye of the Jedi master.

Most of the change was taken because the dramatic profit was so satisfactory. The same can be said about the fact that Carrie Fisher kissed several times before they discovered that they were twins, and Luke similarly ordered Luke's sister to be a separate character before joining Leia. Despite the jokes, fans just assumed that the couple would miss a bit unintentional incest.

The trouble starts with the 1997 special edition, which is now notorious for the retk. Specifically, the change is Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and is dedicated to Hunter Greedy (Larry Ward). In the original film, Han first is taken, but while editing the scene, Greedo fires first and passes through Han's retaliation. Since then, this has been an important fandom case.

Here is the obvious difference: his earlier changes signaled the dramatic need that started before films were the opportunity to become cultural icons, while his mediation special edition only worsened the established faith.

Indeed, the dramatic need is undoubtedly the only instance in which recurring conversations actually work for the audience. For example, note the contradiction between the DC Extension Universe. In Batman vs Superman (2016) Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) regrets: "One hundred years ago, I left humanity." However, it almost does not fit the hopeful image that we see Wonderful woman (2017), because she is committed to staying and fighting for "the world I know it can be" with her heroism to continue Wonder Woman 1984.

As Gadot explained, the character record was not found during her first play and production in her solo film: "We began to dig and understand the nature, we realized that it's not really that Wonder Woman ever gave up humanity."

Wonder Woman turned out to be a box where the DC Extension Universe was disappointed, but between a very dramatic need and desperate grabbing was a very good line. This is strikingly apparent in the Transformer franchise, which lifted the origins of the motorbikes with a peculiar resignation, adding to the sudden phenomena of major global events, including the Giza Pyramid and the construction of the Second World War, which was only motivated by the desire to keep the franchise for as long as possible.

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode scenes from "Halloween" (Ryan Green / Universal Pictures with AP)

This is a similar approach, which is often adopted by the slasher genre, since the sequences will be repeatedly associated with the ever-most ridiculous reasons for the survivor of the assassin. For example, Jason Voorhees has made a number of miraculous returns to Friday's 13th franchise.

Retcons, however, can act as a kind of compromise that allows films to continue to trade with a reputed name, while basically cleansing this shale to create creative freedom. George Miller Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) is still technically a continuation Beyond Thunder (1985), but ignores much of the continuity of the original timeline, most obviously replacing Mel Gibson with Max's role in Tom Hardy, making the character much younger than he would be.

Star Trek (2009) established a timetable for its alternates. This year Halloween, meanwhile ignored every continuation of the franchise, including revelation. Michael Myers is the brother of the protagonist Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), not the original 1978 follow-up.

Separating yourself from what was earlier, rather than writing over it, the new one Halloween could offer new creative paths without destroying the audience's attachment to the old one. Once again, it was a decision that served the dramatic need for a franchise to survive. And it worked: the film made up the $ 246 million world box office, making it the highest franchise value.

Our art drives more momentum: more money, more ideas, more opportunities to get things right. We are struggling to bring peace with our past. Perhaps it was too much to expect JK Rowling, who stood before his empire, to simply leave Harry Potter behind him. Perhaps it is in contradiction with human nature.

In the end, Fantastic Beasts have too many titanic cultures that can only be destroyed by some retreat, but these activities are influenced by creators and audience relationships – either a new life opens up the world they have shared or weakens its foundations.

Fantasy Beasts: Grindelwald Crimes Released in UK cinemas on November 16th

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