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Emiliano Sala: Dutch police investigating the wreckage of a plane washed in Rotterdam

The Dutch police are investigating a piece of rubble that, in his opinion, might have come from an aircraft climbing on the Emiliano Island on board.

On the shore of Rotterdam, suspected of being part of a Piper PA-46 Malibu propeller, carrying a Island from Nantes to Cardiff last week.

It is located on one of Maasvlakte's beaches, a massive human-made western direction to the North Sea port.

Ad van den Berge found a curiously looking piece of polyester with an aluminum coating that was washed off the shore and immediately thought of a missing footballer.

He wrote about social media: "Among all the reports on beaches, I found a strange polyester piece with an aluminum layer. Is it from the plane?

The fire brigade and coastguard have since started searching for more potential waste.

On Wednesday evening, the fire brigade unit was even looking for nearby beaches and the sea from the sky, while the police, firefighters and shore rescuers were looking for a shoreline.

Emiliano Sala disappeared last Monday

The Drone team is looking for Rotterdam

However, the police representative was more cautious, saying: "We do not currently exclude any possibility, but it may also be shipwreck."

The air accident investigation unit revealed on Wednesday that two seat cushions have been discovered, possibly coming from a plane with a missing Cardiff star and pilot Dave Ibbotson.

The discovery took place on the French beach near Surtainville, on the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy.

The island traveled last Monday on a Piper Malibu plane

The AAIB statement said: "On Monday, 28 January, the French safety investigation authority advised us that an office cushion was found on the beach near Surtainville on the Cotentin Peninsula.

"The other pillow was found in the same area later that day.

"From the initial test we have found that it is possible that the pillows are out of the lost aircraft."

Now, this week, there will be an official underwater search of about four square miles.

AAIB investigators said their submarine search would take three days.

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