Tuesday , October 26 2021

Elon Musk Tweets New Starship Super Heavy's Raptor engine images


Released couple of pictures TwitterElon Musk showed SpaceX the new Raptor engine for the Super Heavy rocket system, supplementing the development of SpaceX's Starship in more detail.

SpaceX Raptor engine

People have been talking about the SpaceX Raptor engine for almost a decade, so the engine will see a lot of worry at the end of this year.

The Raptor engine is the successor to the Merlin engine, which has so far operated with SpaceX, and is an essential component of the Starship Super Heavy (SSH), a massive passenger ship and rocket system that Elon Muscus hopes to not only bring people to Mars, but also possibly bring back them.

SSH will work incredible 31 Raptor engines, which according to Inverse will be able to " 1700 kilonewton with a special impulse 330 seconds sea ​​level, reaching 356 seconds vacuum and output diameter 1.3 meters.

"Vacuum engines will have total traction power 1900 kilonewton with a special impulse 375 seconds and output diameter 2.4 meters. All of this supplemented the rocket that could create lifting power 5400 tonnes raise the total vehicle weight 4,400 tons."

Starship Super Heavy

SSH is the culmination of the original dream of Elons Musks on SpaceX. In 2002, musk apparently lost its disappointment that NASA delayed a mission to Mars for an indefinite period and decided to do something when establishing SpaceX in the same year.

This was, of course, not entirely NASA's fault, as its budget has been a recurrent and sustained decline since the 1960s at the end of the US-Soviet space race. In 1966, NASA replied 4.4% US government budget; today this number is less than 1%. Whether they liked it or not, the money was simply not for the mission to Mars. Musk hoped he could fill it.

Hopefully SpaceX SSH will create a team team to Mars, an exciting company with space exploration capabilities as it was in the 1960s, and hopefully it will stop the new space era.

The reason why Raptor is critical of SSH's success, which will provide a ferry to people and materials between us and Mars, is that it will be complemented by a mixture of oxygen and methane. These two elements, which can be obtained locally, allow the BFR to refuel on the Earth.

"It would be quite absurd to try to build a city on Mars if your space ship just stayed on Mars and didn't come back to Earth, you would have this massive cemetery," Musk said.

Raptor Engine is ready for a new test phase

<img class = "img-responsive" title = "Raptor-Engine" src = "https://static.interestingengineering.com/images/FEBRUARY/sizes/Raptor-Engine-1_resize_md.jpg" alt = "Raptor Engine “” nopin=”nopin”/>
Source: Elon Musk / Twitter

Twitter, who introduced us to the new Raptor images, also points out that SpaceX is ready to start testing the engine at McGregor, Texas.

When these tests take place or are checked, it is not clear at the moment, but you can be sure that millions of musky followers will be waiting for the next update on this extraordinary rocket engine.

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