Wednesday , January 19 2022

DSTV South Africa Versus Netflix: DSTV Adds More Users In 2018 Despite Netflix, That's Probably Going To Change Though


DSTV and Netflix are like Tom and Jerry. Always trying to do something different with DSTV and the cunning Jerry using its wisdom.

The story goes on to say the reason why Netflix is ​​not yet able to do inroads in Africa as it has done in the world. If we did a great job, we would like to see you.

Well South Africa (a BRICS country) is the closest thing to Africa that we have and they are decently priced. Initial data items to show that DSTV was losing premium subscribers to Netflix. DSTV premium in their published by MyBroadBand.


The number of DSTV subscribers actually grew in 2018

The total number of DSTV subscribers in Africa had actually grown by 14% to reach just under 14 million when compared to the year before. 7.2 million from South Africa. These figures were back in September when consumers spend more.

Though Netflix is ​​definitely having an impact on DSTV's business. (ARPU) in the South African market. It is appearing that people are moving away from the top of the net. That way they can have the best of both worlds and that is understandable.

DSTV's exclusive rights are saving them for now

It would appear that the DSTV is holding off the streaming siege for now. The South African Broadcasting Authorities, ICASA, are drafting amendments that will break DSTV's sports monopoly in South Africa.

In fact, DSTV is in essence a monopoly operating over their territory.

DSTV will be fine for a long time though

As we said in our website, we would like to be streaming subscribers. Before you consider streaming you need a lot of people on the African continent have. In fact due to the fact that you are doing it, you will need something like ten times as fast.

With DSTV you need a decoder and a dish. No throttling nonsense and you have to pay a fixed fee. The downside is a bit of control over the technology. In fact a good internet connection will allow you to access catch up and showmax. So DSTV is probably going to be fine for a long time to come.

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