Tuesday , March 21 2023

Doogee launches a modular smartphone – TechCrunch


In the week after CES, it is probably just as good time to start a Kickstarter campaign for your strange new smartphone. After all, a company such as Doogee will have difficulty lifting over din CES or MWC, even with an idea as interesting as the rugged, S90.

Of course, the Chinese manufacturer lacks an interesting concept. And while the S90 seems a bit niche, it has repeatedly surpassed its (of course, modest) goal.

The concept of product modules is quite compatible with the Motorola Moto Z offers, with a series of plates pressed at the back of the handset, providing a variety of hardware features using a multi-pin connector.

Many mods also need to be familiar with, including an extra battery (5000 mAh) and gameplay. Although the rugged phone also has some add-ons specially tailored for those looking for a device to be used in this area. Among the listed, there is a night vision camera and a walkie-talkie that extends the communication capability of the handset when mobile networks fail.

Doogee captures February delivery to the new phone.

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