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Detective Pikachu Trailer: Complete Nuts, Perfectly Perfect

I amIn n early noughties, we seemed to be unable to breathe without notice of another dark and-edgy transform into a classic childhood cartoon. It was an age Transformersit's awful Dragon ball the movie and M Night Shyamalan, thinking he could be somehow better Avatar: The Last Airbender.

But after all the dark times must be the era of Enlightenment, and Detective Pikachu serves as our next renaissance. If you had told me as a kid that realistic CGI Pokemon's futuristic megacity would power me, I do not believe you. Now, in 2018, this is the only thing that accompanies me in winter.

First and foremost: the premise of the film is not as arbitrary as it seems. Although Ryan Reynolds plays a hard-core rodent detective live, the Western Pokemon movie may seem like a cash deposit, Detective Pikachu The franchise has taken place for some years now. The full game was released this year, but from 2016 it is knocking down the taste of the final product.

The games and film offer many interrelated features: both are set in Ryme City. The two symbolize a boy named Tim Goodman who has lost his father and who is uniquely able to understand the undisputed Pikachu language. There are women who are journalists, but the film is Psyduck, but there are no Emily's games. Both are also Pokemon, which is unusually aggressive in the city where Pokemon and people live in harmony.

It should be noted that in the games it was caused by a drug derived from the Berserk gene in Mewtwo. You can remember this telekinetic humanoid from the first animated Pokémon movie that every child saw in cinemas and shouting at a time when ashes turned a little toward the stone. There is still no evidence that he will appear in this film, but he is the main plot of the original.

The trailer does not provide much for a plot that goes beyond the above-mentioned similarities. Instead, it treats us with many vignettes that reflect a Pokemon that we will see in the movie. Rather, the smart trailer – if not the film – focuses on some of the first 151, while the next-generation background is striking. The only final arrival that we see is the frog-ninja Grennie, but the other scenes focus on Jigglypuff, Mime and Charizard.

The well-known Pokemon looks a little weird, because the movie has decided to go to the city for CGI: anyone who imagined Jigglypuff would be fluffy, not flexible, going to difficult awakening, seeing the anthropomorphic Pokemon, for example, Mr Mime is the worst thing with normal humans. Some of the images that came out of these Pokemon models show the level of detail to make all their original source.

However, it is wise: if you want to create an illusion for both Pokemon and people living in the same world, then the monsters will have to come closer to what we can see if we go out in the wild. And after all, it was Satoshi Tajiri's love of collecting bugs that inspired the game first, so real life has always been a place in Pokemon's biology.

Note: Realtime Pokémon fanart has long been a thing and it always attracts the audience. It turns out that RJ Palmer, one of the best in this particular niche field, is actually used as an artist in the film.

In terms of Pikachu, it may also seem odd to choose, especially after the controversial 20th-20th. – The animated film showed talk to Pikachu and almost nobody is happy.

However, the makers of the game clearly stated that poker talk was always part of the series plan, not just Digimon. According to an interview with the team behind Detective Pikachu, it turns out that the original Pokemon anime was able to capture the entire Pokemon's talk. However, Game Freak was not happy with all the proposed attempts, and only what Meowth said did a crash.

But perhaps the most edifying part of the trailer is the large number of Easter eggs long-term fans of the game. It does not seem to be a poster, an advertising booth or a neon sign that does not refer to something from the series, and even a leitmotif of musical traits that draws directly from the original result. This is clearly a movie created by a team with a real passion in the world in which it is created, and not just people who want to benefit from a successful franchise with little interest in their history.

When you deal with a loved one, like Pokemon, now over 20 years old, it takes a lot of footprints and lots of research. Accumulation, which is taken and paid off, shows a group of people who know how to force an envelope and how to attract what they do. Will the movie please everyone? Probably not. But this seems to be the best way to make the childhood classics a mature, more realistic environment that grew up with it.

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