Tuesday , January 25 2022

Dabengwa is sick in South Africa


The Herald

Nqobile Tshili Bulawayo Office
ZAPU President Dr Dumiso Dabengwa has been reportedly ill and is based in South Africa, where he receives specialist care, his party has discovered. In an interview with Zapu Secretary General Dr Strike McLandla, Dr Dabengwa went to South Africa in December.

He said Dr Dabengwa was not hospitalized but lived with his relatives in daily routines.
"There were a few things to do but he's fine, we talked to him yesterday." He is expected to return shortly after Christmas and it was noted that he had to go to test 4.

“Then it was observed that it would be a waste of money to come to this side and return. He decided to stay with his relatives on Christmas holidays. Maybe next week we expect him, ”he said.
Dr. Mkandla did not disclose Dr. Dabengwa's disease.

However, he said there was nothing to worry about his health.
“It's a routine check. Maybe he did not know about the things he supported. It seems that daily checks have revealed new things that they think should be seen.

"He's still under the operation. Some of these things can be complicated or some of these things may not be serious, and they just need to be checked regularly, ”he said.

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