Friday , June 2 2023

Chinhoy's pharmacy is closed for sale with expired drugs, they even claimed US dollars


The Zimbabwe Medical Control Authority (MCAZ) closed the hinges pharmacy at the Chechheim Business Center in Chipping to sell more than 25 types of drugs that expired, unregistered or unapproved, and without a pharmacist.

Some unregistered medicines included pyrmonone eye drops, parecetamol Fresenius 10 mg / ml, both over and unregistered; Atenonol 100 mg – an antihypertensive drug that was unregistered as well as unwanted cervical vaccines.

According to a report drawn up by an inspector from MCAZ; Emmanuel Makotore and review by Sly Mutyavaviri, compiled by NewsDay; An investigation into the investigation took place on October 21, 2018, after one of the members of the company resigned.

Part of the report of 7 November 2018 is read; "On Inspection, inspectors went secretly as patients and demanded the drop in pyrimon eye. Mumbai Chidzimba, who identified himself as a pharmacist, offered $ 8 to pyrimon eye drops.

"The inspectors paid, and then Chidzimba asked another ambulance to take the medicine out. Another ambulance went to a white sedan that was placed outside the pharmacy and collected the pirimone from the vehicle.

"She handed it to Chidzimba, who included the information from the inspectors in the raw materials. The official was given a pyrimon without a delivery label. According to the label, the inspector said that the pharmacy's practices do not stick on the label.

"At that moment the officers introduced themselves and took the medicine out of the trunk of the car. Then officials asked to see a pharmacist who, as it was said, was not. She had not been busy all day."

The report also included 16 types of unregistered and expired medicines that were in car luggage and confiscated. It was also said that 85 tablets that were labeled in a pill bag were also discovered, but they could not be identified.

A further search for a pharmacy revealed that the recovery ambulance was not functioning properly and the internal thermometer shows a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

Inadvertent drugs were subsequently quarantined in the refrigerator, although this did not work. The pharmacy staff was also not able to prepare invoices for drug purchases.

The pharmacy was promptly ordered to close until adequate follow-up was approved and the manager was requested to comment on the observations within seven days and to provide the invoices and names of the suppliers of seized medicinal products.

The driver was instructed to preserve the medicine that was in the refrigerator during the quarantine test until the issue was completed.

Meanwhile, for many years there has been a lack of a significant drug in the country, so cheaper and unregistered drugs that endanger people's lives, go to pharmacies with dishonest methods.

However, the pharmacist, Angeline Mahwire, who is also a pharmacist by profession, banned ever selling unwanted drugs when it was reached to comment, but later said that the entire incident was discovered by her ex-boyfriend who was destroying him.

Mahwyer owns four pharmacies that include Chowdzi Pharmacy Chiredzi, the Angel Pharmacy Checheche Business Center, Nkayi and Chipinge Pharmacies, respectively.

"My brother, I know that my ex boyfriend is behind me. I had a relationship with this man, who was also an employee for more than seven years, but it ended in an awkward way. Now he's there to destroy me, "Mahwire said.

MCAZ is the State Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products in Zimbabwe. It was first established in 1969 as the Drug Control Board. In 1997, it became the successor to the Drug Control Board and Zimbabwe Regional Pharmacovigilance Laboratory, using the Act on the Control of Parliament, Drug and Related Substances (Masca) (Chapter 15.03).

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