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Blood sugar levels are rising sharply? Match almonds to control it

WASHINGTON DC: Diabetes is currently affecting more than 425 million people worldwide, and in India in India, in 2017, there are over 72.9 million diabetes, with most people having type 2 diabetes and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and their complications.

A recent study by the International Federation of Diabetes, with over 12,000 people with type 2 diabetes, found that two out of three had cardiovascular risk factors, while a quarter of them said they had never discussed or failed to recall discussing with their doctors cardiovascular risk factors.

Research has shown that lifestyle changes, including physical activity, loss of weight and nutritional changes, not only help to control type 2 diabetes, but can significantly reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and even provide better long-term exposure than medication.

Several studies funded by the California Almond Board show potential cardiovascular benefits, including almond healthy diets compared to people with type 2 diabetes.


A study of 50 Asian Indians with type 2 diabetes and elevated cholesterol found that replacing whole and grated almonds, which are already known as Indian food, 20% of calories in a well-balanced diet greatly improve the health of the heart that is related to type 2 diabetes, including waist circumference: health risk associated with excess fat around the waist, waist and height ratio: body fat distribution, total cholesterol: blood cholesterol measurement, blood triglycerides: fat in blood can increase the risk of heart disease; LDL cholesterol: a bad cholesterol type, which is the main source of cholesterol boosting and blocking in the arteries; C-reactive proteins: measurement of body inflammation and hemoglobin A1c: average blood sugar in two to three months.

Asian Indians have a genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes, and these findings illustrate the multiple beneficial effects of almonds on cardiovascular risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes.

Another study, in which 33 Chinese participants with type 2 diabetes participated and who ate a healthy diet, investigated the effects of the inclusion of 60 grams of tonsils per day in blood sugar and cardiovascular disease.


Although the almond diet provided a better overall nutritional quality, either almonds or almonds did not improve blood glucose levels or the majority of cardiovascular risk factors as expected. However, the researchers found that one subset of participants with relatively well-controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus reduced fasting fasting serum glucose (an increase in fasting blood sugar) of 6% and HbA1c (which determined the mean sugar level in the blood for two or three months) by 3%.

These results suggest that the inclusion of almond in a healthy diet can help improve long-term blood sugar in people with better controlled type 2 diabetes.

A randomized, controlled clinical study examined the effects of adding 1.5 ounces of almond to 12-week-old diabetic and heart disease risk factors in 21 Americans with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes. The almond consumption group (n = 10, mean age 57.8 years) reduced the C-reactive protein (CRP) level by almost 30%, which was an inflammatory marker associated with an increased risk of heart attack compared to those who used almonds (n = 11, mean age 54.7 years).

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Food for diabetic patients

July 3, 2018

While you are active, keeping hydration and checking your blood glucose can create wonders, it's important to follow a diet plan that will prevent diabetes in the long run.

A recent study has shown that antioxidant-rich walnuts can almost halve the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Patients should have 1200-1600 calories per day in an ideal diabetic diet plan. It is recommended for diabetic patients to eat good carbohydrates, fat and healthy proteins, but in small portions.

ETPanache has contacted doctors and nutritionists to get you a definitive list of foods you should consume to maintain your health.

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Inflammation is thought to be responsible for heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases, and elevated CRP is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

In general, almond nutritional profiles, which have a low glycemic index and provide a strong nutritional package, including dietary fiber, riboflavin, magnesium, protein, calcium and folate, combined with their diversity and diversity, make them a smart snack for those who have 2. type diabetes for a healthy diet plan.

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