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Bacon, alcohol can increase cancer risk by 40%


Bacon, alcohol can increase cancer risk by 40%

February 2, 2019 – 12:43 AMT

PanarmENIAN.Net – A study by the World Cancer Research Fund suggests that it should be reduced bacon and alcohol from diet can reduce the risk that you get cancer by 40 percent, WSET reports.

The study analyzed data from 51 million people and found that people who ate even the smallest amounts of processed meat and alcohol increased the risk of multiple cancers according to WRIC.

The study also found that obesity may soon be one of the major cancer risk factors ahead of smoking.

There is evidence that obesity is the cause of at least 12 different types of cancer.

Obesity is associated with liver, ovary, prostate, stomach, mouth and throat, added to the gut, breast, gallbladder, kidney, esophagus, pancreas and uterus.

The study will be presented to the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna, Austria, to encourage people to "drink mostly water and unsweetened drinks" and limit the consumption of processed foods.

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