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Attention, people: Mint Aero McFlurry is a comeback

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As a chocolate fan, rejoice that McDonald's returns his beloved Aero and mint Aero McFlurry after four years of vanishing.

Customers were evicted when Aero McFlurry disappeared before all years, and we are happy to know that they are finally coming back.

Both ice creams will be available from Monday, May 1, both at a standard size of £ 1.39 and a miniature version of 99p.

McFlurrys is complemented with chocolates and either chocolate or peppermint sauce, whichever you choose.

As customers learned about getting started, they're very excited about Twitter:

Unfortunately, ice cream will not be a permanent addition to the menu. They are only available until June 25th.

The new additions are as McDonald's Monopoly closes for another year.

A game that offers prizes and free meals for those who bite stickers from meals ends on Tuesday, April 30th.

Ice cream definitely compensates for the fact that we will not be able to get your hands on free sugar donuts and fruit bags (because let's say it will be all you win).

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Regarding nutrition, the regular Aero McFlurry contains 349 calories and 46 g sugar, while the miniature version contains 175 calories and 23 g sugar.

The regular mint version has 359 calories and 45 g sugar, but the smallest size is 180 calories and 22 g sugar.

But given that ice cream is only about two months old, we are not too worried about nutrition – we just want us to have one hand.

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