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Artifact, the Dota 2 card game is now available

There are probably a lot of reasons that Valve stopped creating new video games on a regular basis. Newbie and friends had to focus on Steam, a monopoly on the sale of digital gaming. The company wanted to expand its hardware with things like virtual reality and Steam Machines. And if you play games Half life and Portal, you might also want to quit while you are ahead, instead of failing to reach the heavenly expectations.

But I personally blame Dota 2. Since Valve began publishing this free sequel to the original MOBA mod, so much money began to pitch that Gordon Freeman could escape the smell. So it's no surprise that the Brand New Valve game you can buy right now, Artifactis a collectible card game that is associated with Dota 2.

Artifact turned Dota 2 for a collectible card game and customization is more reliable than you expect. After all, the original Dota It was Warcraft mod and Blizzard found a later turning point for success Warcraft on a digital card game Hearthstone. So with Artifact, Blizzard mod continues to become a card game based on the success of the Blizzard card game based on that modified original game. It's like poetry, it's rhymes.

But what's exciting about that Artifact is that it also finds clever ways to rotate the well-known unlisted mechanic Dota 2 and MOBA are generally available in card game concepts. Your skills will actually pass on. You need to worry about certain heroic forces, destroying the towers, staying in the right line, using items and me as well as dealing with weak creeping hordes. It seems very cute and this should be considered, it was developed by CCG legend Richard Garfield, creator Magic: The Gathering.

Artifact Now available for PC, Mac, and Linux for $ 20. But I like it Hearthstone I hope it will really spill out when it launches on iOS and Android in 2019. To learn more about Valve, read the abandoned sketch Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and help us investigate who really owns Steam.com.

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