Tuesday , October 4 2022

Arsenal Wenger on AC Milan? Arsenal's legend would be perfectly suited, says Mathieu Flamini


An experienced Frenchman stays out of the club after having broken ties with the Gunners, but he is linked to several posts across Europe.

Arsenal Wenger would be "perfectly fit for AC Milan if they decide inspiration to turn to the former Arsenal boss," says Mathieu Flamini.

Rossoneri is reportedly turning leadership change because Gennaro Gattuso is struggling to create the necessary performances and results for him.

If he had to show the door, then it is considered that the various experienced figures are behind.

Wenser, who is left without a club after arriving at Arsenal with a 22-year-old flag by the end of the summer, is one of those announced in the Milan frames.

The iconic Frenchman is also associated with the games Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, but Flamini believes that he would be perfect for San Siro.

Former Milan midfielder, who worked for Wenger during two spells at Arsenal, told ESPN: "I'm very close to Arseney, it was very inspiring for me to work with him, so I think he would be a great AC Milan.

"Even if they already have a great leader, Gattuso, with whom I play.

"But Arsene, I've worked with him for many years, I do not need to tell you that he's an unbelievable leader, he has shown it for many years. If he goes to Milan Milan, I'm sure he will do a great job."

Arsenal Wenger Arsenal 2017-18

Lightweight has never trained in Italy ever, but Flamini believes he would have little difficulty adapting to life requirements in Series A, which has already proven to be a fantastic place in England.

"Arsene has a huge level of experience and he's very smart," he added.

"So he's the one who will be able to adapt to any kind of football.

"And it would be an incredible advertisement for Italian football to find him, and maybe he will create a new style who knows – he has done a great deal of English football by coming here and creating this new football based on technique and short stories. So, why not do it in Italy? "

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Although Venger should support the immediate return to the wharf, Flamini hopes he will return to football as soon as the 34-year-old player is now an empty agent after leaving Spain on the Getafe side.

He said about his future: "I am still very young. I still feel good, I teach every day.

"Since this is my passion, what I love most is playing football. Everything is possible, we will see what will happen in the future. I have not turned it yet."

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