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Amazon asked NYC staff to go to the city hall and support HQ2

The note was short and accurate, and some points of reference were highlighted on the factsheet illustrating how the company is approaching the upcoming PR offense. The fact sheet is brightly painted and organized slightly as a New York subway map entitled "Amazon <3 NY." It points to "some details of how Amazon's investments will benefit New Yorkers," including $ 27 billion in tax revenue, claims that to help the city and the country with transport and public housing as well as new schools, before going to court, the Amazonia is asked to fill in the negotiation points and inform them that they can submit questions to the city council via e-mail or Twitter if they cannot participate .

Here is the email text:

Subject: You have been invited to the New Amazon Headquarters in Queens

All New York Amazon

You are invited to attend the next hearing in City Hall to show your support for our new headquarters in Queens.

The town hall is accessible by metro lines N, R, W.

January 30 to attend the New York City Council

The City Council organizes a series of hearings with Amazon representatives. Hearing takes place on Wednesday, January 30 at City Hall. Hearing begins at. 10.00 – However, to register, you will have to arrive about an hour before.

If you are interested in hearing, but cannot spend time visiting, you can submit a question to the Council via email or Twitter. Please click here for more details. You can download this fact sheet on Amazon's partnership with New York and learn how you can get involved. Click here for more details.

It is just the latest initiative of Amazon's current PR blitz, which includes posters for Queens residents and some of the best city lobbyists. But asking their employees to join the front lines of this battle, although legitimate, could be perceived as pressure, and some employees seem to have been abolished. Amazon's representative has not yet responded to the comment commentary.

Two weeks ago, Queens residents discovered a booklet from an e-commerce giant that was nice to them, and introduced all the wonderful things Amazon will bring to the city as soon as the headquarters is opened. "The announcement of our new headquarters, Long Island City, was the beginning of what we hope will be a lasting and mutually beneficial partnership between the representatives of New York and the Amazon," he said.

Since the announcement of the HQ2 plans, Amazon has been heated by local resistance. The city is already facing budget dangers and infrastructure headaches, many of which can be aggravated by partnerships. And despite the fact that Amazon uses all the money it will bring in New York, there are no mention of the huge tax reliefs the city has offered to its new headquarters.

In addition, how New York Time reports, the company has also sent managers and lobbyists to various municipal activities to get support and build goodwill. In recent weeks, the Amazon representatives have had dinner with local businesses, as well as private seats with elected officials. In the Communication Times, At Amazon VP for Public Order Brian Huseman said: “We have met with small business owners, educators and community leaders. We are excited about what we hear from them and the work we are planning together. ”

And the pressure is just the beginning. Politico New York reports that the company has been busy forcing New York's strongest lobbyists to spend $ 80,000 a month to promote their interests. This includes the $ 60,000-a-year, $ 5000-month yearlong lobbying agreement with Featherstonhaugh, Wiley and Clyne, among others.

Politico writes:

Amazon also pays Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobson, LLP, about $ 120,000 a year for lobbying. Their hourly rates? $ 1 180 – $ 1,550 per hour for work from their partners, $ 1,075 – $ 1140 per hour for special tips, $ 575 – $ 1,000 per hour for associates, and $ 295- $ 420 per hour for paralegalies. Amazon has also hired Greenberg Traurig at a rate of $ 30,000 a month, Whiteman Osterman and Hanna for $ 15,000 a month, and Yoswein New York at a rate of $ 20,000 a month. The company SKDKnickerbocker works in the Amazon pro bono lobbying register presented with JCOPE shows.

But the question remains: will the New York residents be defeated? Of course, as the deal is done, is it even important?

If you know anything about Amazon HQ2 plans, please contact me.

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