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2.0 Movie Review: Despite Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, Bunkum is Bunkum

Cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson

Directed by: S Shankar

Rating: 2 stars (5 out of 5)

He is back. This time Chitti is being reloaded and grounded to counter the forces designed to prevent Tamil Nadu mobile phones and cell towers. The struggle between good and evil, between nature and technology, plays for more than two and a half hours in an area in which all crossbars have faded in a way that creates multiple interpretations. But, as storytelling is good, robotic, unbreakable sequences of action rarely touch the heights of flying mobile phones. The film has been talking for a long time that the sparrows from newspapers and social media platforms, the reality of deplorable sadness, are erased from our metropolises, but the urgent nature of the debate is buried with a vivid and impressive animation demonstration, special effects and prosthetics.

Eight years have been a long time in a movie star's life. But Rajnikanth for any breaks can only be a flash.2.0, director and director Shankar after 2010 Entirans (The robot Hindi), following the Tamil cinema supernova, has taken a long break in four films (Kochadaian, Linga, Kabbalah and Weight) It's been working longer than Dr. Vaseegaran was to cheer up the Chitt thinking robot. The movie and its star show clear signs of wear. However, Rajnikanth fans should not be a minor irritant.


Rajinikanth in 2.0

The mysterious power – its genesis is created in the sequence in which a person hangs from a cell tower – is to prevent mobile telephony from the earth's surface. The tower is crushed and crushed. The balls rise from the hands of their owners and turn into a destructive wave. The city is full of grave hands. The army is called, but the soldiers are showing a blank space. The right scientist is drafted to stop the impending disaster. He recommends Chitt return from the dead. That, he says, is the only effective solution to the new threat. His plan combines administrative elements, but, as the issues are starting to go out of control, Vaseegaran provides a free hand.

"Maut se zinda lautne also maza kuch aur hi hai (There is nothing to do with joy when he returns from his death), "says Chittis in a Hindi movie (author Abbas Tyrewala) right before he proclaims:" I'm one, super one. "Who dare to ask him a question? No man is Nila (Amy Jackson, another of Vaseegaran's formations.In front of her face, the actor has all the two main characteristics – the unbecoming robot and his brilliant creator – missing all his strength. But to look deeper and his enthusiasm and faith in the project are noticeable. Therefore, the fans sold by Rajnikanth not struck in star-shaped sangrophids, might be a reason to feel a little altered.

With his first round-the-clock promenade, Aksay Kumar, emitting both the film's flux and emotional energy on the other side of the film, the rapidly growing number of birds appeared in front of the aging ornithologist, and then 2.0 as a rebellious seeker for the bird's death, would be considered an improved, more rigorous version of its predecessor, the plot would be even more convincing. The boom is a boot no matter how big it is to the rear.


Aksay Kumar 2.0

Of course, director Shankar has the tendency to embody fantasy and unrealistic human dilemmas. He will show this feature in its entirety, addressing the damage caused by mobile radiation to the environment. But the fact that the fight against birds, but his mission fails, is frustrated to the extent that it could justify the assassination of Akshay Kumar against cell phone vendors and users. The superficiality of his war comic strip manifests itself in the way he kills the wholesaler, the transfer tower owner and the telecommunications minister: one blows to spin, the other compresses cellulose, and another literally poisoned with a diamond ring mobile phone

Amy Jackson as a super-efficient robot based on Beck and all of her master is precisely mechanically, but it's enough to not be flooded with this sci-fi action movie, which is primarily designed for Rajnikanth's bigger than life, folks, a pleasingly screen person.


Amy Jackson and Rajinikanth in 2.0

The support members in Rajnikanth are limited. It is not different 2.0 although the film includes the role of Adil Hussain's home minister, the man is responsible for formulating an answer to the attack on mobile phones. But his agency is quickly removed from him as Vaseegaran, Chitti and Nila take over as a powerful opponent threatening to overcome the city.

So, is the most expensive Indian film ever to have set all the value of money that it is dipped in? It looks great and sounds great. Thanks to breathlessness and dazzling VFX, it smiles. 2.0, however, there would have been much more movies if the scenario dare to go beyond the genre's known tricks. There are romantic feelings between Chittie and Nil, both of which are capable of feeling and expressing love. But this song is still an insignificant subplot in a movie where even baddie is an A-list Bollywood star and should be made part of a revered series of events, especially when he introduces his post only after an interview.

Right to the wrong tropical, which 2.0 is working tragically, but the fight at the center of the film – it is pushed out by the development of a developed model against the need for ecological conservation with unlimited fantasy – there are moments that are thought provoking and entertaining right away. But even Rajnikanth, pulling this wrong, dirty epic outside the fire is not cakewalk. He comes quite close. To look 2.0 about its scale and ambition, if not for a "superstar" that could not be mistaken.

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