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"You are not prestigious to resign, do not like the extinct, the bear to climb"

"People expect people not to be prestigious, they are not obliged to actively resign, do not like the extinct, the rising criminals who have raised the nation's heart," said Nguyen Anh Tri, a member of the National Assembly.

In the afternoon of next weekend, Vice-President Nguyen Anh Tri (Hanoi Delegation) in the National Assembly Hall, unanimously agreed with the Lamrung Ministerial Report on the Prevention of Crimes and Delinquency in 2018. When the delegate noted on page 22 of the report that "there is no passive surprise."

The voters asserted that we were surprised and confronted with a fraud check in 2018. In light of the 13th edition of the Light Reading, on July 2, 1818, the Minister for Education and Training also announced that the 2018 National High School The purpose of graduation achievements is Serious, objective, and extremely gentle. But just a few days later, how are we going? "The group of practitioners in charge of Ha Giang and other provincial testing in the mountainous area clearly showed it."

As regards the Director of the Supreme People's Prosecutor's Office, Nguyen Anh Tri, a MP, said that voters clearly saw restrictions on things at other levels.

"For example, the rape has been charged with Nguyen Khac Thuy Vung Tau to be checked. The fake VN Pharma, the Trial Panel announces the entire first instance court ruling. Artificial kidney disease three times. The car constant conflict in Inova on the highway has to be returned to the file for reconsideration" – MPs Tri, for example, at the same time "sent to the Supreme and Provincial authorities, deal with the case of Deng, associated with the doctor Hoang Cong Luong's heart's desire to soon try, the court for the right people, crimes, the courts have earned love, so that families with victims are relieved of pain relief Doctors The team in the country is calm, firmly working on the patient's life.

Representative Nguyen Anh Tri
Representative Nguyen Anh Tri

Delegate Nguyen Anh Tri also shared: "I thought about why the party, the government was fierce, the stove was hot, the Central Commission checked so much, the police were very active, the court discovered continuously, but still complex, serious."

According to the delegates, "in addition to being more drastic and more serious, it is necessary to promote the model of each participant in the party, feelings of feelings and responsibility, should follow the rules of the Board." At the thirteenth meeting of the party's central committee, he actively resigns. "

"I see this as a very timely and humane provision. If there is a mistake, an initiative should be actively taken if it is unreliable if it is not qualified. By the end of 2018, people are waiting for an initiative for those who have been submerged by indigo. For more than a year, get ready 13. The Center's Committee of Strategic Staff: People expect no confidence, no initiative to resign, do not like eels, climbing, unlike the party, people. Besides, I would like to come up with a National Assembly to soon draft a resignation law to adopt laws on the party rules "- delegates comments to Hanoi.

Offense in connection with a criminal investigation

Representative Liu Pyongyang (Ben Tre) mentioned a series of lawsuits last year and said that these lawsuits were the result of an erroneous investigation into a very serious violation of the law.

"Yesterday I received a petition from Mr. Dang Quoc To – a lecturer at the Ho Chi Minh City Film theater, where the defendant arrested police in the province of Can Tho for no reason, knocking on Sleep for a drug crime. Previously, it was a search of the Roman seizures. Today Thu Thi people save half the country and save the country. after more than a decade of complaints and denunciations, cases involving Dinh La Thang and his accomplices, Vu Nhom, Ōt Trọc, etc. Thus, the competent authorities in which the investigative bodies did not pay due attention. The denunciation and denunciation of the citizens led to overshadowed supervision, and were not eliminated in time, "Liu said.

Representative Liu Pyong
Representative Liu Pyong

Again he remembered that during the 3rd of November, he had mentioned violations in the police investigation, including criminal investigations. "Today, I would like to make it clear that if violations of law enforcement investigations are compared against each other, the violation of the People's Police Investigation Bodies is a part of It is absolutely violations," said Liu Pyongyang, a delegate.

Nguyen Huu Cau, deputy director of the Nghe National Security Directorate, also acknowledged: "Recently, some senior members of the People's Police have committed many mistakes in destroying their members. The party leaders, the state, have an impact on the police honor and prestige, causing complaints in society."

Representative of Nguyen Huu Cau
Representative of Nguyen Huu Cau

However, Mr Cauffers said: "More importantly, internal police intervention is largely discovered by human police, accused, investigated and handled by internal cleansing, No cover, hide.

"In general, most of the people in the police are showing their strength, absolute loyalty to their homeland, they are not afraid of the difficulties and difficulties of sacrificing themselves for peace and happiness." As for people, "Nguyen Huu Cau stressed.

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