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Why do students "kill their teeth" play "slipping" english? Education


Sunday, November 18, 2011 at 01:00 (GMT + 7)

Many student students have to pay millions of dong for retaliation, so it's a great way to learn "tips."

A recent news report group investigation found that Hanoi University of Industry has made "misleading" certification exams. In particular, students of this school are required to pay a "slip" exam certificate issued in English language courses.

Accordingly, the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of this school collects 1.9 million TOIEC certification exam for each student, but in fact – "against slipping".

According to the survey, the pupils who participated in the training were taught to memorize the prescribed examinations and practice books. According to students, the English language test is about 80%, as it was given in the "slip" exam. Students who have paid "anti-slip" fees do not do all 460 default TOIECs.

Why students & # 39;

In the test room for students who have paid "slipping" (studying). Photo: Working paper

Tran Duc Quy, director of the Hanoi Industrial University, said that the school had met and approved the content of the press release. At the same time, the school never had any money for the exam. Student payouts are a fee for students with poor language proficiency. This is an additional registration fee for skill improvement required to meet the required standards.

Hanoi Industrial University does not organize exams and issue foreign language certificates, but only an internal exam to test and recognize the standard output. The school leaders will meet and report to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Education and Training, will continue to work with individuals and entities to check information and deal seriously (if any).

The issue is still being checked, clarified, but by TS. Le Viet Khuyen, head of the Education Quality Assurance Department (Vietnamese University College and College Association), said that it should be treated in accordance with the rules. Not surprising with this job, according to TS. Congratulations, the incident is deeply rooted in … the regulation mechanism has caused fraud.

In particular, formal education system rules in the credit system (Decision 43/2007 / QD-BGDDT) require students to collect subject credits as prescribed. To obtain graduation conditions, you need to be familiar with all subjects and get an average or higher rating, including English. Some schools require TOIEC, an IELTS school school. Students who do not have a degree are not awarded a degree, this is an incorrect graduation rule.

"The above conditions are" lean "in the regulation, a certification exam, a fee class called" non-slippery "money. Schools said it was improving the quality but could easily be negative, violating the rules, added Le Viet Khuyen.

Over time, the story of students at universities, colleges trying to get foreign language certificates in accordance with the new school standards is also being discussed. In addition to improving the quality of higher education, sources of quality teaching with foreign language skills to meet international integration … but each year there are hundreds or even thousands of students at the university. The student may not be expelled.

This raises questions about the ability to learn "fluently" in foreign languages, but insufficient but hard to verify, which makes students more aware of, prepare new exams to meet certification requirements. In addition, strict standards could also be negative, schools 'competitions' to open training courses, which many people call 'anti-slip', are not easy to register because testing is complicated. , to take a high fee, but only to acquire the foundation through the exam, rather than improve the level of foreign languages.

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