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What is the Thanh Hoa Provincial Police Register?

Thursday, 29 November 1818 at noon 10:00 (GMT + 7)

As for the audio recording featuring Public Security Director Thanh Hoa, triggered rumors on November 28, was discussed with Tien Phong PV, Colonel Khuong Duy Oanh, deputy director of Thanh Hoa Province has received information on phonetics that circulate on social networks and reported that Thanh Hoa police chief "led the case".

What is the Thanh Hoa Provincial Police Register Police Chief? - 1

Thanh Hoa Province has received information about the phonetic record of Thanh Hoa Police Chief who "led the case".

Colonel Khuong Duy Oanh said: After receiving the information, Thanh Hoa Provincial Police reported an incident at the Ministry of Public Security for inspection and refinement.

Earlier on November 28, a social networking site featured a conversation among many people, with the main character being Colonel Nguyen Chi Phuung, Chief of Police Thanh Hoa and a man. He worked in this unit. According to the content of the record, it is evident that a person exchanged a method of colonel for the theft of criminal motorcycles. The parties agree on how much a person gives Colonel Phuong a "lead".

In the entry Phoong's former subordinate complained, "Now, from a military, destroyed, accused, I know what to do now. My son is hard, his wife is about to give birth, father to his old mother, in the hope of helping him.

After knowing, the alleged Thanh Hoa Chief of Police said he would study and consult the prosecutor's office.

Shortly after the recording was broadcast on social networks, a brief exchange of the press, Colonel Nguyen Chi Phuung confirmed his participation in the conversation. This exchange takes place on 19 or 20 July. At that time Phuong's subordinate, who had worked in the Department of the Horde Police, was released from the title of the popular police in order to steal motorcycles from his office. He was later prosecuted.

According to Phuong Phuong, the gift is real, but then he deliberately does not get back. He escaped, I call the command down to get back and return. If I get something from him, then I have to get my police headline.

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