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What is the 7th Generation, 8x Do not Forget This Divine Meal – 24 Hours

Thursday 29 November, 2015 at. 03:00 (GMT + 7)

Manioc macaroni, stuffed with corn and pickled syrups, marinades and salad marinades, is always detained by poverty, always needs to be addressed, care must be taken to eliminate the "eight March" food shortage. If there are several menus, not chickens, think about how to handle food inadequately. The days are sunny, the meal is a bit smaller, the mother is often dried to serve as raw material for roasted dry rice.

Surplus rice will be scattered throughout the mother and dried on the veranda or roof of the tank. During the hot summer days my mother watched the missing birds, the wind blew for a few days a few days, leaned against a tree that looked at the eyes, but came out to see that the small rice had trunks in the corner

After a few days, in the hot sun, the rice seed washed in the masonry. The children were curious, tingling and a little pale, unattractive to some thieves from the neighboring fence. Only then, put the tatami in a container, tightly closed, carefully placed in the old wooden cabinets in the kitchen, there is a special warehouse, from the north side of the raincoat, the windmills of the cast iron pan are processed.

What is the 7th generation, 8x Do not forget this divine food - 1

Often, dried rice seeds stay together so that the mother soothes their hands, leaving enough seed. Every time he learned that his mother was preparing rice-roasted sugar, the children quickly wiped their hands in their pants, wiped their nose and ran away to the kitchen to watch the rice mop in a small fire, the Rice looked at the pan, the sound of a striking sound was happy, the children simply took their hands to burn and comment, until the rice seeds expand, extend the yellow buds, want to see that mother pours water, sugar is mixed with seeds of rice balls, mother of the island is fast hands, so they burn and once. The children looked at each other and ate saliva.

In the past, roasted dried rice is simply sugar, and there are added lemons, chili, garlic to the kitchen aroma, so that children always have snacks to stretch in the chest. It was not cold enough for me to see a sweet earloaf, I saw that every rice mound gradually dissolved in the mouth, the child burns a bit of burnt hands, but still throw in his mouth just chewing and banging.

What is the 7th generation, 8x do not forget this divine food - 2

The rusted, rusted, shady winter ride is a food that saves the luxury of a childhood, a lack of time due to rice crops, and a rice that is expensive because it has not eaten any jar. Now in the cold winter days or on a long, rainy day, long looking to the sky, suddenly spotted vodka remembers the spicy childhood, suddenly hungry for a little rice-roasted age.

The old-fashioned manuscript reminds me of the old adage

Have you ever thought, from time to time we are away from ice cream sucking, the stick is added to one age …

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