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What features of VinFast in Vietnam?


VinFast creates a good publicity wizard so that product and brand information can be quickly reached by customers. There are a lot of supporters in the media, but there are doubts about the market approach of both new models. Many people will take it when purchasing a car in place of a traditional motorcycle.

"Thanks to the ability of the product, what Clara owns is no longer superior to traditional motorcycles," says a perennial motorcycle dealer.


Clara runs a lead-acid battery (wet battery) for $ 34 million and runs a $ 17 million lithium-ion battery (dry battery). For a 34-millionth price Vietnamese can choose a station like the Honda Vision (currently the best-selling car), the Yamaha Acruzo. At the same time, the 57 million level is a high-end model, such as the Honda SH mode, Piaggio Liberty Playground.

Bui Minh Tuan, owner of Traditional Motorcycle and Electric Vehicle Traders Chain, doubted VinFast's high price. "The price is so high, it's not possible, most Vietnamese people are still using gasoline," said Tuan.

He analyzed if the target is female customers, the mass of cars for 100 kg of gasoline vehicles. Maximum power of 21 liters, like the traditional car.

The Clara Li-ion Battery at VinFast factory in Hai Phong cost 57 million.

The Clara Li-ion Battery at VinFast factory in Hai Phong cost 57 million.

At the same time, Mr Hoang Ha, former sales and sales director of Yamaha Vietnam, said that prices of over 30 million are not feasible, as guests have many options for motorcycles.

According to Mr. Ha, the price of Vietnam motorcycles is divided into 4 segments. The popular car is 18-22 million, the popular car is 27-32 million, 37-42 million are modern cars and 50 million or more are luxury cars. The original price of 34 million and 57 million VinFast is geared towards the high-end segment of the traditional train. However, this market has many big products – Honda, Yamaha, Piaggio.

"VinFast's two electric cars are almost identical, different in batteries and engines, but the difference to 23 million VNDs is quite high," said Mr Ha. The first batch costs 21 million wet batteries and 35 million dry batteries.

Not only does it compete with traditional motorcycles, Clara also has to fight cheap electric cars that have flooded. The Vietnamese automobile brand does not assume leadership in the assembly of electric motorcycles, but positioning products exceed those sold in a market dominated by the Chinese car.

Nguyen Dong, who has sold electric cars in Hanoi for many years, said that the most sold cars are 10-15 million Chinese brands. The advantage of these models is the small design, the design is intended for new customers, but the quality is not high. Equipment such as the frame, the quality of the suspension system (even vehicles without rear shock absorbers), plastic materials, the color is not beautiful. However, due to cheap prices, it should be sold.

Some investment vehicles for electric vehicles, such as SYM, Pega (formerly HK Bike). Pega drove a smart electric vehicle using Bosch technology and engines. But the project "went into oblivion" less than a year.

Nguyen Don is more afraid that after a 5-7-year-old blooming electric machine, the sales segment is now gradually returning back if the price does not increase the flaws. Without disclosing sales figures, but he appeared with the chain store, it was only over a year to close more than half.

Experts are observing the industry, the level of VinFast finishing products is quite good, even higher than traditional motorcycles. Therefore car prices are hardly lower. But with electric cars, not all good ones will sell.

The Japanese electric car Terra A4000i launched in 2014 in Hanoi. The high price makes this car do not get a market share.

The Japanese electric car Terra A4000i launched in 2014 in Hanoi. The high price makes this car do not get a market share.

In 2014, the Vietnamese market welcomes the Japanese high-class tram Terra A4000i, which pays 90 million dong, which corresponds to the Honda SH. Terra uses a 40 Ah lithium-ion battery with a 4,000-watt engine. However, the high price makes this car a market outlet.

There is a "wet footprint" on the market, but the VinFast electric motor is in difficulty, but the Vietnamese automobile company has other options to believe in potential sales.


According to Hoang Ha, if VinFast is a good value product with ecological support for electric vehicles, the prospect of success will be high. In the case of high prices, customers can only be a good winner.

In the development plan, the VinFast Ecological Car System will include battery charging and charging stations, authorized distributor systems and cloud computing and mobile application support systems.

By 2020, VinFast will have 30,000 to 50,000 battery-charging stations throughout the country. The Vietnamese automotive brand will use a range of affordable products to make the charging station available to customers immediately after the first sale batch and deploy other support systems.

There is no carrier that provides charging stations and batteries for rent. Consequently, if VinFast's estimates of infrastructure and after-sales services are in line with demand, market competitiveness is relatively satisfactory, especially if there are new products in 2019.

Another industry specialist at an initial cost of 21 million and 35 million in two versions, which is not hard to reach for the German people, especially those who have used many products in the ecosystem. from Vingroup. The story is harder if the company returns to $ 34 million and $ 57 million, the customer will shrink.

"Then maybe the car will come out a new model, and it's the car that is responsible for the sale," he analyzed.

It may be similar to the car segment, as many commented that the first two SUVs and sedans that play the role of marketing cover the brand, the next small car A is a "car for sale"

According to the 2016 National Traffic Safety Committee, Vietnamese consume about 2.5 million motorcycles, but annually sell 250,000-300,000 electric vehicles. This number is equivalent to VinFast's initial production phase.

The Vietnamese automobile company is ready to meet large volumes in the market; other experts will soon finish the infrastructure charging station, battery change and pricing.

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