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"We did not succeed for many U23 players"

Highlight Thailand 4-2 Indonesia (AFF Cup 2018)

President of Indonesian Football Federation: "We did not use many U23 players"

In TV interview, TV PS One president Edi Rahmayadi said: "Sorry for the people of Indonesia, we always want to do everything possible, you're disappointed, I'm very disappointed. There are too many older players in the AFF Cup, because they are smaller and poor quality. AFF Cup has not been selected.

The current national team is predominantly the U23 players who played ASIAD, and it was now strengthened by Alberto Goncalvess 38. Therefore, we are only new players, "PSSI said.

Indonesian players had to stop the game at the group stage, when they finished fourth in Group B with 4 points in four stages. The PSSI has blamed the failure of the 2018 AFC Cup for Bima Sakti, arguing that the strategist is too confident about young people. In particular, 23 Indonesian players list has up to 16 titles U23.

Malaysian coach is about two Thai players

"The game between Adisak Creeshorn and the Sanravatus of the Decembrist is very dangerous, especially Sanravat, who is currently the best player in the AFF Cup. If we can block these two mutant factors, I am convinced that Malaysia will get good results."

Adisak and Sanrawat are the best Scorbers AFF Cup in 2018. Adisak is the lead in the league with 8 goals, while Sanrawat has 11 goals. These two words, together with Supachai Jaidal, are considered the main force in Thailand.

Malaysia vs. Thailand will be held on December 1 at noon. 19.00 This exciting game will be the THETHAO247 live report, inviting readers to pay attention!

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