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VOICE: A “boss” must be specified to protect the offending vehicle Dong Nai


In recent days, many clips about the Traffic Police (Traffic Police) and Police Police (CSTT) group have been circulated on social networks to sanction traffic violations, but by listening to drivers. “My car has been sent to the boss” is being fired!

The incident took place in Song Trau Municipality, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province, but no date has been set. The social network account that posted these clips on December 4 was allegedly owned by the lieutenant, but the account is currently blocked.

The above clips have a very clear picture and sound.

In one clip, when the driver was accused of a fine, he “asked for help” on behalf of Thanh, asking the police officer on duty to answer the phone. “Brother Here …” – the policeman answered the phone, and then the offender continued to spread.

Another driver was blown up to stop the car to check, the driver told police that “… the car was sent to Mr. Khan, Deputy Order Captain …”. The policeman again asked, “How much does it cost each month to send,” the manager replied, “Each month costs 1 million each side …” and was returned.

In another clip, the driver was blown up for inspection, immediately told police “my car was sent”. The policeman again asked, “To whom, Captain Mao?” and then dismiss.

The Dong Nai police were aware of this information, and on December 5, the provincial police chiefs led the inspection and processing.

If the content exchanged in the clips is correct, at least 3 “bosses” named Thanh, Khanh and Mao are involved in “preserving” the offending vehicle. The area of ​​the police team responsible for vehicle violations was also identified. And in the clip with a fairly clear picture, a policeman appears, who calls himself “Force” – it will be an important witness.

Now the problem is identifying the “boss”, the date the clip was recorded … everything is pretty easy if Dong Nai police chiefs are willing and determined.

“Preservation” of funds in Dong Nai city, arrest of vehicle owners and drivers to “die” is currently not available. The recording of clips condemning vehicle security breaches has also taken place in the traffic police force at the site.

After taking up the post of Dong Nai Provincial Police Director from 2019, Colonel Vu Hong Van disciplined Lieutenant Colonel Pham Hai Cang, the driver of the 2nd Road Traffic Station (20th Highway Station, Dinh Quan District) and Trung. Colonel Phan Cam Tu, Deputy Head of the Traffic Police Team 1 (Road and Rail Police Department).

In November 2019, Dong Nai Province “changed the blood” of a number of key officials, including then-provincial police director Colonel Huynh Tien Manh; Chief of the Provincial Police Department of the Traffic Police – Senior Lieutenant Colonel Phams Trams … due to violations that adversely affect the reputation of the party organization, the police industry and individuals, causing dissatisfaction in public opinion.

On December 23, 2016, while working with the Dong Nai Provincial Police, To Lam, the Minister of Public Security, ordered “to work resolutely to address deficiencies, limitations, internal cleanliness. Without exception …”.

With this in mind, Dong Nai police chiefs must make sure of the reality of the “protected” clips mentioned above. If it is a “counterfeit” to cause internal discord, it is necessary to “unjustly” involve people and deal with slanderers. On the contrary, if it is true, then it must be dealt with to the end.

People want it and they are waiting for it to be published!

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