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Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hằng ideas, Minh Hang apologize-Fashion


Monday, 11.12.2012. 00:19 (GMT + 7)

Ho Hoang's yen continues to suffer losses to bid for Tuyet Nhu.

Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hien ideas idea, Minh Hang apologize - 1

The voltage between the three teams has not expired.

The main theme of the 6th Volume Face of Vietnam (TFVN) in 2018, the change in Thanh Hang construction makes Ho Hoin Yen suspect that sisters "imitate" their roadmap. The episode of this episode of the group's challenge was arranged randomly, not based on the winning Masterclass. Team Vo Hoang Yen is the first team to challenge, followed by Thanh Hang and Minh Hang.

Following trainer Vo Hoang Yen, trainer Thanh Hang has changed in relation to Le Nam. The trainer invited the participant to answer another question: "Real tea, real milk" his performances. It is worth mentioning that during the period when the competitor himself did the previous challenge without the intervention of the coach, Le Nam did not use this line until Thanh Hang started training. It inadvertently overlaps with the performance of Tuan Kiet in Ho Ho Yang.

Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hien Idea Idea, Minh Hang Sorry - 2

Models are dispersed during continuous recording.

Ho Hoang Yen Thanh Hieu's Ideas, Minh Hang's Sorry - 3

Thanh Hang is always calm before all situations.

And, of course, Vo Hoang Yen said:I do not know if it's accidental or accidental, but for the time when Chang's new change is hard to imagine. On the other hand, one can see that Thanh Hang changed a lot of his arrangements when he got into the kit. Thanh Hang is corrected from the set line up to the performance of the participants in comparison with practice. Thanh Hang said that this is a flexibility that adapts to the situation in this area. The only way to do "imitation" is just the inside of the information medium, but it can be seen after the other actors, between Thanh Hang and Vo Hoang Yen, begin to encounter heavy friction. .

Minh Hang, with a lump sum remaining in the middle of the previous episode, this time before the main challenge, Minh Hang was actively asking sister Thanh Hang for Vo Hoang Yen. The trainer also explains the reasons for his actions more clearly. Minh Hang was not satisfied with the organizers, when entering the United States into the room, accidentally allowed Thanh Hang to see, but now "Ms Dai" should be present in his team room rather than in the room. Great where you can see the road in the field.

Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hanh idea idea, Minh Hang sorry - 4

The story is simpler and simpler when Minh Hang apologizes to her sister when she volunteers in the middle.

Video recording at the moment Minh Hang left the recording.

Minh Hang is not to blame for Thanh Hang, just because the production team is not careful and can not control the emotions themselves that the incident is not worth it. Though Minh Hang did not blame his sister, Thanh Hang himself felt like Minh Hang's own actions that made her suspect and guilty. This allowed Thanh Hang to feel confused about the nursing emotions long between the two. In addition, Thanh Hang believes that the Minh Hang voluntary leave allows the team to expect unprofessional action, and Minh Hang is hard to set an example for his students. Appeals for Minh Hang's apology, but Thanh Hang still expressed a cold attitude: "Everything has happened that there is, slowly stopping"Vo Hoang Yen, as an internal but perhaps less involved, calmly replied:OK good " and comment on Minh Hang: "Turn right!"

Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hanh Idea Idea, Minh Hang Sorry - 5

Minh Hang resolved a convincing conflict and no more blamed her for her sister.

Minh Hang, Thanh Hang do not specify that there is internal medicine available on television

Face 5 episode Hangman couple continue to burn their eyes with ultra-thin outfits.

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