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VinFast announces "No 3" product pricing policy


On November 5, VinFast Trading and Production Company Limited announces duty-free depreciation of "All Automotive and Electric Motorcycle Products, with no financial costs and no interest." The first phase: Clara's motorcycles have just begun – in addition to "No. 3 "policies will be subject to a special preferential policy, only about 60% of the price.

With the vision of creating world-class products, it will meet the big brands in the world; Vietnam wants the will and the spirit – from the very beginning VinFast cars and motorcycles are oriented towards high quality in comparison with international standards.

In order to facilitate people's access, experience in high-end products at very good prices compared to the same segment of cars and promote zero-emissions traffic habits and expectations. wants many people to join hands to create a "pride of Vietnam" – Vingroup, for its part, has issued a policy that strongly supports consumers. One of them is the "No 3" policy.

In particular, at the initial stage, VinFast will not include depreciation costs, with the exception of financial costs (interest payable on investment loans in plant construction, working capital, etc.). The selling price will be the same as the production costs calculated in accordance with the above method, plus sales costs.

The first range of products on the market is Clara's electric motor – VinFast applies special price incentives in addition to the "3 No" pricing policy. The maximum stimulus level is up to 40% of the cost of the product, based on the principle of "3 no". Thus, the price of the version of the lithium ion battery VinFast Klara "3 No" is 57 million; The lead-acid battery is 34 million. By introducing a special preferential policy, the VinFast Klara's price with a lithium-ion battery is only 35 million VND / car for the first party and 39.9 million VND / car for the second installment. Likewise, VinFast Clara's battery was priced to lead acid – only 21 million / batch in the first batch; VND 25 million / lot. At the end of the special policy period, VinFast Klara's prices will be adjusted to "3 No".

VinFast is ready to give customers the opportunity to enjoy world-class products in Vietnam, with the pricing policy of No 3, especially with the use of electric bikes. In the first phase, VinFast wants to lose up to 40% in order to get the most popular products for consumers, thereby promoting road safety, emissions reducing noise and reducing noise, protecting the environment from the public, "said Nguyen Viet Quang, CEO of Vingroup.

In addition to focusing on high standards of quality and outstanding functionality, VinFast will continue to focus on investing in electric vehicles nationwide. There are plenty of services, such as battery charging, battery rental, warranty, car maintenance … so VinFast electric cars can move easily.

The production of VinFast automotive and electric motorcycles began in September 2017, considering the region's scale and modernity, the main products are gasoline cars, electric cars and electric motorcycles. In October 1818, VinFast launched the first two luxury car models – the sedan LUX A2.0 and SUV LUX SA2.0, which met the strictest quality and design standards and was the protection of intellectual property in Europe. On 03/03/2015 VinFast has launched an electric scooter plant and announced that the first model is VinFast Klara with two versions according to the criteria "Beautiful – smart – ecological". VinFast develops electric cars, gasoline cars in cities and electric buses.

VinFast hopes to contribute to the economy of "pride" in decent products, with the main contribution to the Vingroup's cutting-edge design, techniques and technology. Vietnam "international ride.

VinFast Klara will be officially released on November 17, 2014.

The Vietnamese Registry issued a certificate that is able to prevent large flooding, powerless movement without gas, integrating excellence in intelligence and a significant saving in costs compared to vehicles. driving petrol.

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