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Vietnamese herd to buy online one day in China Market

An organized shopping day for Jackpot, a billionaire, has become an opportunity for many Vietnamese users to buy good quality products from China.

Every year, starting from the beginning of November, consumers often talk about several shopping opportunities, which are discounts from the largest e-commerce sites in the world. The closing shopping season for this weekend begins with a one-time discount (11/11) in China. In addition to household articles, technological products such as smartphones, computers, electronic accessories … also dropped sharply.

The biggest shopping holidays in the world

Black Friday, the first Friday after Thanksgiving, is America's largest shopping. Amazon and many other retailers have successfully completed this holiday shopping online. However, compared with the scale, Black Friday is much smaller than China's Single Day (One Day).

By 2017, total revenues from online retailers in the United States in both cases are Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday is about $ 4 billion. When added to Prime Day, Amazon's own shopping holidays, this number reached nearly $ 7 billion.

Meanwhile, Alibaba's total sales for one day in 2017 amounted to $ 25 billion. If in the entire Chinese market, this figure exceeds USD 38 billion.

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Jack Ma's 2017 Celibacy Festival. Photo: Getty.

November 11 is an unofficial holiday in China, starting in 1993. Four on the 1st floor symbolize lonely, unlucky. In 2009, billionaire Jack Mane came up with the idea of ​​a Chinese holiday shopping that could compete with Black Friday's volumes, and he opted for November 11th.

Though initially targeted by some people, the 11/11 shopping day has become an opportunity for people to find their deals. At Alibaba's initiative, many other retailers also participated in this holiday season, offering many promotions and incentives for buyers.

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Students in Harbin, China, are on a straight-line day. Photo: Getty.

Alibaba's revenue has grown rapidly over the last nine years. In 2009, the company made a great $ 100 million, but last year it increased to $ 25 billion. This year, they earned $ 21 billion in just the first 12 hours.

A good Vietnam Day shopping day

From the outset, Alibaba's vision did not stop in the Chinese market. The company has established a multi-level shopping system in English targeting foreigners, such as AliExpress. Alibaba also owns Lazada, an electronic trading platform operating in many Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam.

However, sites that have a Vietnamese site are not required, which can be easily purchased directly from Alibaba and other Chinese shopping outlets. It's easy to find a Chinese buyer when shopping in groups and sharing shopping experience online.

Due to the border with Vietnam, goods from China to Vietnam are delivered very quickly, usually just about a week from the order at which you can get the goods at home. Shipping costs are also very cheap, sometimes less than 100,000 per unit.

Some existing services have expanded to the "automation" level. Customers do not need to chat or write to the worker for shipping costs, just install the extension in the Chrome browser. When visiting a product page in Tmall (Alibaba Retail Page), this utility displays the prices of the product for VND, including delivery to Vietnam.

Shopping for so much so much Vietnamese is eagerly waiting for a 11/11 purchase deal.

Tuan Hung, based in Hanoi, says that each year he regularly purchases dozens of technological products for himself and his friends. He claimed that friends often turn to the product they want to buy, as well as the price from the site before September 11, to claim their purchase. Interest in electronics and home appliances is not officially sold in Vietnam.

Speaking with, Thanh Cong, a Chinese online shopkeeper living in Hanoi, said that he was so busy so many orders he ordered. Mr Cong also said that most orders he has set footwear.

The local shopping site joins the game

This year, local online retailers coincide with major shopping programs on September 11th. Most of the biggest shopping sites are starting to advertise today at a good price. Discounted goods are diverse, including technological products, home appliances, books …

For example, the Samsung 500 GB hard drive is 5 million dong, now only 3.3 million dong. Many mid-range smartphones are cut by 500,000 dong – 1.5 million dong.

The shopping day is also an option for store owners, online business units to increase sales. Ms. Hu.Thu, a sales person, said she sells well at her store today, 5.6 times over working days, although the day is still over.

She said the e-commerce platform has been running the program since the beginning of the month, and this week's sales stand also has a high cosmetic discount. Her husband works in a computerized retail system that sells hundreds of online orders.

Of the thousands of products ranked at a good price, there are many products that users are displaying as "virtual" ads. Mr. T.Tung, living in TP. Ho Chi Minh City, posted in personal home products, a discount of 20 million, but only after … 5 seconds to open the sale. Many of his friends also commented that these stimuli were incredible, promotion only took time.

The Department of Electronic Commerce and Economic Affairs of the Department of Industry and Trade has since 2014 organized an annual online shopping day on Friday. With many well-known retailers participating Friday Friday is more attractive than e-commerce sites.

In 2016, after reflecting on "virtual" shares, self-employed people before rebate, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has taken steps to correct the units that participate online on Fridays. The organizers claim that more than 40,000 of the 280,000 products registered on Friday friday 2016 are priced higher than usual can not be included in the ad.

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