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Vietnamese girl studying nano in France. Education lesson

For two consecutive years, he was awarded the title "5 Good Students", but when asked about his secret, Tran Hoang Hai Yen, a former student at Saigon University, said: "Because I am a liar."

Tran Hoang Hai Yen - Photo: NVCC
Tran Hoang Hai Yen – Photo: NVCC

Thanks to Ling, Yen has a Masters Degree in Nanotechnology at the University of Paris Saclay Paris Saclay, France.

There is a rule about yourself

In an effort to become "5 good students," he has helped the perfect job for which employer needs skilled, quick, gentle skills, good language and attitude, hard work …

Tran Hoang Hai Yen

Chat with yen, really surprised by the girl, but very active. "If there are any short sentences for me to comment on what will be the yen?", We prayed. Yena's undisputed answer: "It's hard to try to challenge the new, hard thing people can not think of. Sometimes there are things that I think unlikely can happen, but it's still possible to try to do as hard as possible. Generally speaking."

For experience in achieving the title "5 Good Students" for 2 consecutive years, Yena has outlined three principles for herself. First, set a priority mode that will not work in less than 3 minutes, sort out what's important first. Secondly, set the deadline for doing this work for 2 hours, it must be taken before 18:00 … because there is some pressure to work in order to be more effective. Thirdly, there is little, but it must be qualified. For example, there are dozens of documents in English in Yen, then delete everything, use only one book per day, "Google Doctors" and practices.

In the study, depending on the time of year, the jinn asked the students to block time to learn stress, review a lot … then first you have to learn, have a little or much to learn, but learn a little every day. According to the yen, those who like to participate in the Union have less time to learn. So you have to learn before the program, read a lot of books, do not know anything, ask friends and actively ask teachers.

Health should choose your favorite sport and invite friends to play.

Yena said with a skirt and joking: "Each school has many clubs, a team. In the past, I also participated in dance clubs, pianos, pianos, guitars, flutes, harmonies … Then the English club, the park" cut off the wind "with the tourist .. At the 1st year of year 2, he participated in volunteering programs such as popcorn, sugar cane juice …; to clean the room , give presents … then join the summer green. "

Being active is indispensable

To achieve the title "Good 5 Students", each student must meet all five elements: good morals, good learning, good physical strength, good volunteering and good integration.

Yến said that at the beginning of the school, Jens had been working as a start-up company for tourist accommodation, for a short time, Yen learned to hire staff, advertise on the Internet, learn to organize quilts, even toilet cleansing. Thanks to him, Jena gained many skills and learned in various ways how to solve problems in different situations.

This is just one of the very small measures that prove that it's always working on all things Nest. "You always take the initiative, want to learn or do something, then ask. I remember asking for an experience in exchange for an international program, I email 20 brothers and sisters, of whom 2/3 answered. Therefore, I have more links to learn. teaches … Then learn about physics, but while I met GS Cheung, I actively contacted and then followed my disciples to learn about quantum chemistry. Learning never ends, this knowledge will support this knowledge and vice versa. To maximize opportunities, the initiative is obligatory. "

Yến said that the original, as well as a blank sheet of paper. "I am not clever, but I always try to find out where I am. Remembering that when I was in primary school, I did not belong to the workshop and had to continue to study for longer. The secret is knowledge that is easy to forget, so I have a long-standing group of friends on these issues. I need to remember a lot longer. I learned a lot from my friends around. As everyone is good in some aspects, I see good things and learn them together. "

"In an effort to be" good 5 students, "he has helped to perfect what the employee requires as a professional, fast, skilled worker, a good foreign language and a hard working attitude." Yena said.

Yena has participated in many international exchanges, for example, in exchange for students from IRUA, Australia; "Bayesian models, conclusions and statistical decision making"; Official Vietnamese delegates attend a report from the International Student Science Forum …

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