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Venezuela warned US against international court

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Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa (Photo: Tass)

Interview with CupVenezuelan Ambassador to Russia Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa said US sanctions were a takeover of Caracas property.

“They freeze accounts and transactions with the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA. We have a big business in Houston, USA called Citgo. In America, we have more than 10,000 gas stations, and that is Venezuelan government revenue, but they all freeze. We will sue these actions in international courts, ”said Tortosa.

On January 23rd, Congress leader Juan Guaido named himself Venezuelan interim president – the US and some European and Latin American allies.

On January 28, the administration of US President Donald Trump announced sanctions against Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA. It is Washington's strongest financial sanction, which is ever forced to exert pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Accordingly, Washington will freeze $ 7 billion in assets of this company, and it is expected that next year PDW will lose $ 11 billion in export earnings.

On January 29, US State Department spokesman Roberto Palladino said: "On 25 January, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed Juan Guaido's power to receive and control some Venezuelan government assets or Venezuelan central bank managed by New York Reserve Bank or any US guarantee bank under Federal Reserve Law 25 .B: This certificate will help Venezuela to keep these assets because of the benefits of the Venezuelan people ”.

According to Tortosa, the US target for sanctions was a blow to the Venezuelan economy and made it more difficult for the country's population to buy. The diplomat, who called the US, violated the violation because "he made Venezuelan property and handed it over to another person."

In addition, Mr. Tortosa accused the United States of engaging in an incident where the Bank of England Caracas did not return 31 tons of gold reserves for $ 1.2 billion.

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