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Two SAOs that once took over Vietnam are admired for the 2019 Asian Cup – 24 Hour Football

Thursday, 31 January 2019 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Fox Sports Asia has recently listed five players who are considered the 2019 Asian Cup, where Qatar is the dominant team.

In particular, Qatar is a team with three candidates, Defender Tarek Salman, Defender Bass Al-Rawi, and Almoez Ali. The other two were Iraqi attacker Mohanad Ali and Japanese midfielder Rits Doans.

Without using any of the goals to date for this tournament, Qatar's defense of central backbone Tarek Salman and Bass Al-Rawi deserve to be considered the best.

Tarek Salman was very calm and progressive in every game, but Bassam Al-Rawi was able to attack with two goals and the ability to direct the free kick.

During the 2019 Asian Cup, two admirers admire the admirers of the SAO

Almoez Ali (middle, Qatar) is the brightest star in Asian football

Meanwhile, Almoez Ali seems to show it all over Asia for a new rating record Asian Cup. With 8 goals that make up 50% of Qatar's goals in this year's tournament, the 22-year-old star is actually a "killer" in the heavy penalty area and the Qatar football jewel.

The other two names are the Iraqi attacker, Mohanad Ali, and the Japanese midfielder Rits Doan, who had shared the Vietnamese network together. Ali got 1-1 equalizer for Iraqi group D opening game in Vietnam, while Rits Doan scored the only goal for the Park Hang Seo team from the Asian Playground in early 2019.

At the age of 18, Ali is the youngest Asian Cup player this year. Meanwhile, Fox Sports Asia described Rits Doan as a "punishment with a little worried quarter-finals, which proves that a player can withstand pressure." In Japan's experienced team, Ritsu Doan proves that in the future he can pick up a team of public goods.

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